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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-051,2-PDO Synthesis from Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol over Ru-based Catalyst in a Mild Condition문동주; 이수빈; 박현미, et al
2016-04A kinetic study on the supercritical decrosslinking reaction of silane-crosslinked polyethylene in a continuous process홍순만; 구종민; 백범기, et al
1996-09A Kinetics study on phosphorus removal using slag.이승환; 안규홍
2014-08A microfluidic device for evaluating the dynamics of the metabolism-dependent antioxidant activity of nutrients이정우; 최종률; 하상근, et al
1996-01A study on phosphorus removal process using steel industry by-products(slag) at dynamic condition.이승환; 안규홍; 윤종원
2018-11Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding: Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications구종민; 유승건; 이승환, et al
2017-08All-solid-state thin film battery based on well-aligned slanted LiCoO2 nanowires fabricated by glancing angle deposition김주선; 이승환; 윤미영, et al
2004-05Application of chemical precipitation for piggery wastewater treatment이승환; J. Iamchaturapatr; C. Polprasert, et al
1997-10Application of pulsation cleaning technique with in-line flocculation CFMF(Cross Flow Micro-Filtration) for domestic sewage treatment이승환; 안규홍
2011-04Aqueous Phase Reforming (APR) of Glycerol over γ-Al2O3 Supported Ni-based Catalysts조수현; 허은; 이승환, et al
2011-05Aqueous Phase Reforming of glycerol over Bimetallic Ni-based catalysts조수현; 허은; 이승환, et al
2020-04Bioelectronic sensor mimicking the human neuroendocrine system for the detection of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis hormones in human blood이승환; 이민주; 양희홍, et al
2014-10Carbon dioxide reduction performances of Iron oxide-based composite catalyst powders배동현; 권은석; 이승환, et al
2013-12Catalytic conversion of glycerol to 1,2 propandiol over Hydrotalcite catalysts이상용; 정재선; 김승훈, et al
2015-09Characterization of p-NiO/n-ZnO Nanowire Heterojunction Light-Emitting Diode Fabricated by Glancing Angle Deposition윤미영; 권은석; 배동현, et al
2019-12Construction of pancreas-muscle-liver microphysiological system (MPS) for reproducing glucose metabolism최낙원; 이동욱; 이승환, et al
2015-08Construction of Synthetic Promoter-Based Expression Cassettes for the Production of Cadaverine in Recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum오영훈; 최재우; 김은영, et al
2015-10Cumgcral oxides catalyst for hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,2 propandiol문동주; 정재선; 양은혁, et al
2017-09Density-tunable lightweight polymer composites with dual-functional ability of efficient EMI shielding and heat dissipation홍순만; 구종민; 이승환, et al
2014-07Development and Electrical Properties of (Ca0.7Sr0.3) (Zr0.8Ti0.2)O3 Thin Film Applied to Embedded Decoupling Capacitors이승환; 김홍기; 강민규, et al
2011-11Development of technology on the production of syngas and hydrogen문동주; 이승환; 조수현, et al
2018-07Direct observation of DNA target searching and cleavage by CRISPR-Cas12a정철현; 김인산; 전용문, et al
1996-04Effect of agitation on phosphorus removal process in Slag medium이승환; 안규홍
1996-05Effect of ammonium concentration on phosphorus removal process in Slag media이승환; 안규홍
2012-04Effect of Preparation Method of the Cu/ZnO catalyst On the Catalyst Performance for methanol Synthesis이수빈; 이재석; 정재선, et al
2012-04Effect of preparation method of the Cu/ZnO catalyst on the catalytic performance for methanol synthesis이수빈; 이재석; 정재선, et al
2011-10Effect of support texture of the periodic mesoporous silicas on FT catalytic performance정재선; 이수빈; 목진홍, et al
2021-03Effects of Fiber Length on the Reflection Loss of Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Polypropylene/Carbon Fiber Composites Prepared by Injection Molding and by Screw Extrusion Process구종민; 이승환; 한권형, et al
2017-09Effects of processing methods on the electrical conductivity, electromagnetic parameters, and EMI shielding effectiveness of polypropylene/nickel-coated carbon fiber composites구종민; 이승환; Jae Young Kim, et al
2011-12Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over cobalt based catalysts supported on modified silicas문동주; 정재선; 이승환, et al