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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06A Floated Absorbing Structure for Uncooled Microbolometer안미숙; 한용희; 신현준, et al
2006-11A study on the neural thermocouple arrays probe김광호; 이승훈; 임영근, et al
2009-11Characteristics of high haze transparent conductive oxide for thin film solar cell이승훈; 탁성주; 강민구, et al
2008-04Characteristics of hydrogen co-doped ZnO:Al thin films이승훈; 이택성; 이경석, et al
2020-01Combined Treatment on an Al Surface to Improve the Metal-Polymer Adhesion Strength조원일; 이승훈; 도반중, et al
2007-12Design and analysis of a signal readout integrated circuit for the bolometer type infrared detect sensors김진수; 박민영; 노호섭, et al
2009-11Effect of fluorine and hydrogen co-doping on the Properties of Al-doped ZnO films김용현; 이승훈; 성태연, et al
2008-07Effect of Growth Temperature on the Properties of Hydrogenated Al-Doped ZnO Films탁성주; 강민구; 임희진, et al
2007-12Effect of growth temperature on the properties of hydrogenation Al-doped ZnO Films탁성주; 강민구; 이승훈, et al
2009-10Effect of heat treatment of sputter deposited ZnO films co-doped with H and Al이승훈; 이택성; 이경석, et al
2021-05Effects of Pulse Current Charging on the Aging Performance of Commercial Cylindrical Lithium Ion Batteries조원일; 도반중; 이승훈, et al
2019-10Enabling reversible redox reactions in electrochemical cells using protected LiAl intermetallics as lithium metal anodes조원일; 이광렬; Deepika, et al
2006-12Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Micro Electro Mechanical System Based Vertical Probe Tips for Micro Pad Measurements유재욱; 김진혁; 추성일, et al
2001-08Glass forming ability and crystallization behaviors of the Ti-Cu-Ni-(Sn) alloys with large supercooled liquid region김유찬; 이승훈; 김원태, et al
2005-04Improvement of linearity and Resolution in Capacitive Micro Tilt Sensor by Using Modified Comb Finger Shape손준혁; 이승훈; 정일진, et al
2013-07Influence of front contact work function on silicon heterojunction solar cell performance이승훈; 탁성주; 김찬석, et al
2008-04Influence of Hydrogen on the Properties Al-doped ZnO Thin Films이승훈; 김영도; 김원목
2007-01Low-noise Single-photon Detector for the 1.5-㎛ Wavelength Region이승훈; 정규현; 김경헌, et al
2020-10Lubricant-infused directly engraved nano-microstructures for mechanically durable endoscope lens with anti-biofouling and anti-fogging properties전호정; 박재호; 이연택, et al
2007-09Magneto-impedance effect of CoFeSiBNi amorphous magnetic films이승훈; 박병규; 황성우, et al
2012-06MRI-monitored long-term therapeutic hydrogel system for brain tumors without surgical resection김장일; 김보라; 전창주, et al
2015-03Optical parameters and work function of ZneIneSneO films이승훈; 박효민; 김영도, et al
2015-05Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF) Expression Induced by EGFRvIII Promotes Self-renewal and Tumor Progression of Glioma Stem CellsJinlong Yin; 박건우; 김태훈, et al
2007-05Plug & Play quantum cryptography system이경운; 박철우; 박준범, et al
2008-01Propagation of shear bands in a Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5 bulk metallic glass김기범; J. Das; 이민하, et al
2007-04Properties of Electrical Conductivity of Amorphous Tungsten-doped Vanadium Oxide for Uncooled Microbolometers한용희; 이승훈; 김근태, et al
2006-09Properties of Electrical Conductivity of Amorphous Tungsten-doped Vanadium Oxide for Uncooled Microbolometers한용희; 이승훈; 김근태, et al
2007-05Reliable design and characterization of MEMS probe tip이승훈; 추성일; 김진혁, et al
2007-03Reliable design and electrical characteristics of vertical MEMS probe tip이승훈; 추성일; 김진혁, et al
2014-06Side chains contributions to characteristics of resistive memory based on water-soluble polyfluorenes: Effects of structure and length of side pendant group이승훈; 오승환; 지용성, et al