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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01A Coherent Spin-Torque Nano-oscillator Excited by a Combined Out-of-Plane and In-Plane Spin Polarized Current이억재
2018-09Abnormal Bias-Temperature Stress and Thermal Instability of beta-Ga2O3 Nanomembrane field-Effect Transistor이억재; Jiyeon Ma; Geonwook Yoo
2014-01Central role of domain wall depinning for perpendicular magnetization switching driven by spin torque from the spin Hall effect이억재; L. Q. Liu; C. F. Pai, et al
2013-06Coherent and incoherent spin torque oscillations in a nanopillar magnetic spin-valve이억재; P. M. Braganca; O. Ozatay, et al
2018-03Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo films장준연; 구현철; 민병철, et al
2012-08Current-Induced Switching of Perpendicularly Magnetized Magnetic Layers Using Spin Torque from the Spin Hall Effect이억재; Luqiao Liu; T. J. Gudmundsen, et al
2019-06Demonstration of spin transfer torque (STT) magnetic recording이억재; Jeongmin Hong; Xin Li, et al
2015-07Deterministic Domain Wall Motion Orthogonal To Current Flow Due To Spin Orbit Torque이억재; Debanjan Bhowmik; Mark E Nowakowski, et al
2015-10Direct optical detection of current induced spin accumulation in metals by magnetization-induced second harmonic generation이억재; A. Pattabi; Z. Gu, et al
2019-05Effect of Al2O3 Passivation on Electrical Properties of β-Ga2O3 Field-Effect Transistor이억재; JIYEON MA; GEONWOOK YOO
2021-04Effect of spin-orbit interaction at insulator/ferromagnet interfaces in spin-orbit torques구현철; 민병철; 이억재, et al
2021-03Effects of Interfacial Oxidization on Magnetic Damping and Spin?Orbit TorquesKyung-Jin Lee; 구현철; 민병철, et al
2008-04Enhancement in spin-torque efficiency by nonuniform spin current generated within a tapered nanopillar spin valve이억재; O. Ozatay; A. G. F. Garcia, et al
2021-11Field-like spin-orbit torque induced by bulk Rashba channels in GeTe/NiFe bilayers구현철; 이수연; 이억재, et al
2015-12Flexible spin-orbit torque devices이억재; Long You; Jaewon Jang, et al
2017-03High Speed Epitaxial Perovskite Memory on Flexible Substrates이억재; Saidur R. Bakaul; Claudy R. Serrao, et al
2011-04Images of a Spin-Torque-Driven Magnetic Nano-Oscillator이억재; XW Yu; VS Pribiag, et al
2021-07Interlayer exchange coupling with Ir/(Ru, Mo, or W)/Ir composite spacers in perpendicular synthetic antiferromagnets민병철; 이억재; 박희겸, et al
2014-09Macrospin modeling of sub-ns pulse switching of perpendicularly magnetized free layer via spin-orbit torques for cryogenic memory applications이억재; Junbo Park; G. E. Rowlands, et al
2016-02Magnetization Switching and Domain Wall Motion Due to Spin Orbit Torque이억재; Debanjan Bhowmik; Long You, et al
2021-11Orbital torque in magnetic bilayers구현철; 민병철; 이억재, et al
2013-12Quasilinear spin-torque nano-oscillator via enhanced negative feedback of power fluctuations이억재; P. M. Braganca; V. S. Pribiag, et al
2021-04Reconfigurable Physical Unclonable Function Based on Spin-Orbit Torque Induced Chiral Domain Wall Motion이억재; Zhen Cao; Shuai Zhang, et al
2021-01Spin and orbital properties of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for spin-orbit torque material devices이억재; 윤덕현; Younghak Kim, et al
2020-07Spin transport at a Pt/InAs quantum well interface using spin Hall and Rashba effects구현철; 김형준; 이억재, et al
2018-08Spin-Orbit Torque and Magnetic Damping in Tailored Ferromagnetic Bilayers구현철; 민병철; 이억재, et al
2019-08Spin-Orbit Torque-Driven Magnetic Switching of Co/Pt-CoFeB Exchange Sping Ferromagnets이억재; Min Song; Shijiang Luo, et al
2018-04Spin-orbit torques associated with ferrimagnetic order in Pt/GdFeCo/MgO layers구현철; 민병철; 이억재, et al
2020-09Spin-polarized carrier injection through hybrid ferromagnetic electrode for enhanced optical efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes이억재; 윤덕현; Ha Hwanng, et al
2011-09Spin-torque-driven ballistic precessional switching with 50 ps impulses이억재; DC Ralph; RA Buhrman