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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07A Facile and Rapid Process to Fabricate Platinum Counter Electrode in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Sintering at Room Temperature강태연; 유기천; 이진아, et al
2016-01A fool proof method for phase transfer of metal nanoparticles via centrifugation이승용; 조소혜; 박진옥, et al
2008-08Controlled repeated chemical growth of ZnO films for dye-sensitized solar cellsRajaram S. Mane; 이원주; C. D. Lokhande, et al
2013-07Effect of Complexing/Buffering Agents on Morphological Properties of CuInSe2 Layers Prepared by Single-Bath Electrodeposition이하나; 이원주; 서경원, et al
2011-05Effect of pH value on the electrodeposition of CuInSe2 thin films and its application to superstrate type solar cells이하나; 이원주; 김경곤, et al
2010-07Effect of solvent on the performance and morpology of polymer photovoltaic devices김연수; 이영관; 김재경, et al
2010-10Electric Field Enhancements of Solar Cell by Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes이원주
2010-10Electric Field Enhancements of Solar Cell by Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes이원주; 고민재; 한성환
2009-03Electrochemically intercalated indium-tin-oxide/poly(3-hexylthiophene): A solid-state heterojunction solar cell마네; 이원주; 민선기, et al
2011-05Enhanced Photocurrent Generation of Binary Self-Assembled Monolayers of Di-(3-aminopropyl)-Viologen and Methylviologen on Indium Tin Oxide이미선; 형경희; 이원주, et al
2008-10Enhanced photocurrent in RuL2(NCS)2/di-(3-aminopropyl)-viologen/SnO2/ITO system이원주; 곽창곤; R. S. Mane, et al
2009-12Enhanced Photocurrent in the RuL2(NCS)2/di-(3-aminopropyl)-viologen/Au Nanoparticies/ITO System: Use of Au Nanoparticles for Retardation of the Back Electron Transfer Reaction이원주; 민선기; Gangri Cai, et al
2011-05Enhancement of Photoconversion Efficiency of ZnO Nanorod-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells in Presence of ZrO2 Thin Energy Barrier구구매; 이원주; 길병호, et al
2009-08High-performance photocurrent generation device using transparent Sn-doped In2O3 nanowires electrodes박경수; 허정훈; 김대현, et al
2013-01Highly dense and crystalline CuInSe2 thin films prepared by single bath electrochemical deposition이하나; 이원주; 김진영, et al
2009-01Ionic charge-selective electron transfer on self-assembled polyelectrolyte-modified ITO electrode김윤호; Gangri Cai; 이원주, et al
2009-08ITO 나노선의 합성 및 고성능 광전류 발생 소자 응용박경수; 허정훈; 김대현, et al
2008-05Manipulating interfaces in a hybrid solar cell by in situ photosensitizer polymerization and sequential hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity control for enhanced conversion efficiency이원주; 신승훈; 한성환, et al
2011-05Morphological properties of electrodeposited CuInSe2 absorber layer on In2Se3 film by different baths solution based on sulfamic acid potassium biphthalate이하나; 이원주; 김경곤, et al
2011-05Photoelectrochemical Polymerization of Thiophene on Self-Assembled RuL2(NCS)2/Di(3-Aminopropyl)Viologen on Indium Thin Oxide이원주; 형경희; 황윤희, et al
2010-04Preparation and characterization of highly conductive Sn-doped In2O3 nanowires for optoelectronics devices박경수; 최영진; 최경진, et al
2011-03Pure anatase TiO2 “nanoglue”: An inorganic binding agent to improve nanoparticle interconnections in the low-temperature sintering of dye-sensitized solar cells리위롱; 이원주; 이도권, et al
2009-12Reduced Recombination and Photodegradation Processes of Photoelectrochemical Cell-Based on CdSe Nanofibers in the Presence of PEDOT:PSS Layers민선기; 이원주; Gangri Cai, et al
2006-08Self-Assembled Molecular Solar Cells이원주; 이수형; 한성환
2012-06Sequential Chemical Bath Deposition of Cu2-xSe/CdS Film by Suppressing Ion-Exchange ReactionGangri Cai; Iseul Lim; Deok Yeon Lee, et al
2012-02Suppressed Recombination in Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells with Blocking Layers on FTO Substrates이원주; 유범진; 김경곤, et al
2013-02Suppression of photocorrosion in CdS/CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells: Formation of a thin polymer layer on the photoelectrode surface이원주; 손해정; 이도권, et al
2007-01Unprecedented coloration of rutile titanium dioxide nanocrystalline thin films마네; 주오심; 이원주, et al
2010-06고효율 투명컬러 나노결정 염료감응 태양전지이원주; 고민재