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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-09An efficient approach to (E)- β -methyl baylis-hillman adducts via indium-mediated allylation of aldehydes in aqueous media.차주환; 배애님; 최경일, et al
2001-04Biocatalytic resolution of alkyl 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)but-2-enoates차주환; 조용서; 김보형, et al
2001-10Diastereoselective reduction of a alkyl 2-phthalimidomethyl-3-oxobutanoate using a reductase purified from yeast차주환; 김보형; 곽윤현, et al
1989-02Intramolecular cyclizatoin of allylic propiolates mediated by the addition of stanny radicals: a new synthetic route to α -methylene- γ -butyrolactones.이은; 장문호
2000-11Novel chromophores for highly efficient photorefractive materials장웅상; 유동식; 문현식, et al
2004-09Preparation of chromane derivatives via indium-mediated intramolecular allylation reactions차주환; 조용서; 고훈영, et al
1998-01Radical cyclization of β-alkoxyacrylates: a formal synthesis of (-)-kumausallene이은; 유상구; 추현아, et al
2002-10Stereochemical control in diastereoselective reduction of α-substituted-β-ketoesters using a reductase purified from Kluyveromyces marxianus차주환; 배애님; 최경일, et al
2005-07Stereoselective Syntheses of Rolliniastatin 1, Rollimembrin, and Membranacin금교창; 황철희; 강순방, et al
2005-08Stereoselective Syntheses of Rolliniastatin 1, Rollimembrin, and Membranacin금교창; 황철희; 강순방, et al
2007-09Stereoselective Synthesis of (+)?IKD?8344임상민; 김우한; 홍성길, et al
2005-09Stereoselective synthesis of (-)-jimenezin황철희; 금교창; 손경일, et al
2004-06Steroselection in Radical Cyclization of β-Alkoxyvinyl Sulfoxides: Synthesis of Tetrahydrofuranyl Allyl Carbinols금교창; 강순방; 김유승, et al
2000-07Structural modifications and biological evaluation of 3-lsoxazolylvinylcephalosporins배애님; 이지은; 김보형, et al
2000-10Study of the photorefractivity for energy transfer in photorefreactive composite장웅상; 이은; 김낙중, et al
2001-04Synthesis and binding affinity of 1-azabicyclic compounds to muscarine receptor차주환; 조용서; 최경일, et al
1999-01Synthesis and binding affinity of 1-azabicyclic compounds to muscarine receptor.차주환; 고훈영; 최경일, et al
2001-11Synthesis and in vitro binding affinities of 1-azabicyclic compounds as muscarinic ligands.차주환; 조용서; 배애님, et al
2005-02Synthesis of the Proposed Structure of Feigrisolide C임상민; 김우한; 정재훈, et al
2002-01Total Synthesis of Ambruticin임상민; 이은; 최승집, et al
2006-10Total Synthesis of IKD?8344임상민; 김우한; 홍성길, et al