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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05A Study on Li-ion Capacitor used Li Pre-doped Grahpite Negative-electrode(LiC6) and Activated Carbon Positive-electrode in a Ionic Liquid-electrolyte김민호; 이진홍; 이장우, et al
2012-04Characteristics of sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer/ionic liquid membranes and their IPMC actuators이장우; 유승건; 이진홍, et al
2013-10Copper Shell Networks in Polymer Composites for Efficient Thermal Conduction유승건; 이장우; 한태희, et al
2011-11Dispersion state and morphology of clay in sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer이장우; 이진홍; 홍순만, et al
2014-08Electroactive nanostructured polymer actuators fabricated using sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer/montmorillonite/ionic liquid nanocomposite membranes이장우; 홍순만; 구종민
2012-04Electrospun ionic polymer nanofiber for waterfiltration membranes정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2015-09Fabrication of high quality graphene nanosheets via a spontaneous electrochemical reaction process이장우; 김민호; 나원준, et al
2014-08Fouling-Tolerant Nanofibrous Polymer Membranes for Water Treatment이장우; 정지영; 조영훈, et al
2012-10Fouling-tolerant polymeric nanofibrous membranes for water treatment정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2011-11Gradient structure of platinum chemically deposited in sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer이장우; 이진홍; 홍순만, et al
2011-04High Flux Electrospun Nafion/PVDF Filtration정지영; 조영훈; 김윤관, et al
2014-01High-performance polymer ionomer-ionic liquid membrane IPMC actuator이장우; 홍순만; 구종민
2013-10High-Strain Air-Operable Soft Transducers Produced from Nanostructured Block Copolymer Ionomer/Silicate/Ionic Liquid Nanocomposite Membranes이장우; 유승건; 홍순만, et al
2013-06High-strain air-working soft transducers produced from nanostructured block copolymer ionomer/silicate/ionic liquid nanocomposite membranes이장우; 유승건; 홍순만, et al
2012-10Ion transport behavior in polymerized imidazolium ionic liquids이진홍; 김민호; 이장우, et al
2013-05Ion transport behavior in polymerized imidazolium ionic liquids incorporating flexible pendant groups이진홍; 이제승; 이장우, et al
2013-02Ionic Electroactive Polymer Actuators이장우; 구종민
2015-07Ionic polymer actuator based on anion-conducting methylated ether-linked polybenzimidazole권태훈; 이장우; 조형래, et al
2011-11Nanobier Mat Membranes through Electrospinning정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2011-05Nanofiber mat membrane throung an electrospinning정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2012-02Novel sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer/silicate nanocomposite membranes with controlled ion channels and their IPMC transducers이장우; 홍순만; 김주훈, et al
2015-06Optimization of growth conditions for cultivation of Phellinus linteus mycelia using swine waste as a growth substrate구태완; 이준엽; 조경진, et al
2014-06Polyethylene/boron-containing composites for radiation shielding신지욱; 이장우; 유승건, et al
2011-11Polymer Gel Electrolytes using Polymerizable Ionic Liquid이진홍; 이장우; 홍순만, et al
2012-06Properties of Lithiated Graphite Electrode with Li Pre-Doping Range in Li-Ion Capacitor김민호; 이진홍; 이장우, et al
2012-04Synergistically enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy/carbon fiber composites유승건; 박규섭; 이장우, et al
2013-05Thermal Annealing Effects on the Physical Properties of Styrenic Pentablock Ionomers and Their Electromechanical Responses이장우; 이진홍; 김민호, et al
2011-11Thermal Annealing Effects on the Physical Properties of Styrenic Pentablock Ionomers and Their Electromechanical Responses이장우; 이진홍; 김민호, et al
2012-04-25고분자 블렌드 조성물 및 이를 사용한 액츄에이터구종민; 민경호; 박윤덕, et al
2011-05-06블록 공중합체 전해질 복합막 및 이의 제조방법구종민; 민경호; 박윤덕, et al