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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-07Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological p-removal in an intermittently aerated reactor안규홍; 유형석; 이재우, et al
2000-09Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological p-removal in an intermittently-aerated feactor안규홍; 유형석; 이재우, et al
2000-09Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological p-removal in an intermittently-aerated reactor-I. dependency of p removal on do, nitrification and nitrate안규홍; 유형석; 이재우, et al
2001-03Batch procedure for evaluation of biological phosphorus removal in the intermittently decanted extended aeration process박기영; 안규홍; 송경근, et al
2013-04Carbon Dioxide Injection Method for Enhancing Hydrogenotrophic Denitrification of Secondary Wastewater Effluent in Fixed Bed Reactor박기영; 맹승규; 안규홍, et al
2018-10Cell surface polysaccharides of Bifidobacterium bifidum induce the generation of Foxp3+ regulatory T Cells이충구; Ravi Verma; 이창헌, et al
2015-08Characteristics of VOCs emissions from a chemical manufacturing process and the selection of best available technology남궁형규; 안해영; 조현지, et al
2017-07Design and Experimental Investigation of Thermoelectric Generators for Wearable Applications김진상; 백승협; 김성근, et al
2018-12Design and Fabrication of a Thermoelectric Generator Based on BiTe Legs to power Wearable Device김진상; 김희숙; S.E. Moon, et al
2015-04Development of the Acid Treatment and Risk Assessment Protocol for the Stabilization of Fly Ash from a Waste Incinerator남궁형규; 이관형; 이재우, et al
2001-12Economic feasibility of ozonation process for wastewater sludge treatment안규홍; 박기영; 이재우, et al
2008-09Effect of a Bio-stimulant on Sludge Biomass Treating Municipal Wastewater박기영; 이재우; 정진영, et al
1996-01Effect of interchange reactions on the molecular weight distribution of poly(ethylene terephthalate): a Monte Carlo simulation.김정엽; 조원호; 이재우, et al
2002-05Effect of ozonation for reduction and recycling of wastewater sludge on fecal coliform reduction안규홍; 맹승규; 이석헌, et al
2001-03Effects of fill modes on N₂O emission from the SBR treating domestic wastewater박기영; 이재우; Yuhei Inamori, et al
2000-11Effects of ozonation on thickening and dewatering of wastewater sludge안규홍; 송경근; 염익태, et al
2005-05Fabrication of Polymer Photodiodes Blended with m-PMEH-PPV and p-PMEH-PPV이재우; 문지선; 김수현, et al
2004-09Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Technology for Diagnosing Nocardia Foaming in Activated Sludge이재우; 김일규; 이석헌, et al
2019-04Graphene Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Bilayer Flexible Membrane for High-Performance Li-S Batteries with Superior Physical and Electrochemical Properties김선준; 이동규; 김용재, et al
2011-03Low-frequency noise in junctionless multigate transistors장도영; 이재우; 이치우, et al
2002-07Modeling of submerged membrane bioreactor process for wastewater treatment이용훈; 조진우; 서영우, et al
2005-11Operational strategies for an activated sludge process in conjunction with ozone oxidation for zero excess sludge production during winter season이재우; 차호영; 박기영, et al
2002-11Ozonation of wastewater sludge for reduction and recycling안규홍; 박기영; 맹승규, et al
2001-10Ozonation of wastewater sludge for reduction and recycling안규홍; 박기영; 이용훈, et al
2004-04Ozone disintegration of excess biomass and application to nitrogen removal박기영; 이재우; 안규홍, et al
2011-01Ozonolysate of excess sludge as a carbon source in an enhanced biological phosphorus removal for low strength wastewater박기영; 이재우; 송경근, et al
2005-06Photovoltaic Characteristic of Blend Device of MEH-PPV and DFPP문지선; 김수현; 이재우, et al
2005-07Photovoltaic Characteristic of Thin Films Based on MEH-PPV/DFPP Blends문지선; 김수현; 이재우, et al
2006-10Photovoltaic Properties of MEH-PPV/DFPP Blend Devices Based on Novel n-type Polymer DFPP김수현; 문지선; 이재우, et al