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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-08A study on operational characteristics of the 3 kW class PEMFC stack최형준; 안상열; 조성아, et al
1999-11A study on performance improvement of the electrode for PEMFC이정규; 하흥용; 오인환, et al
2000-06A study on performance improvement of the electrodes for PEMFC이정규; 하흥용; 선양국, et al
2000-04A study on the characteristics of the PEMFC electrode fabricated by a colloidal method이정규; 하홍용; 오인환, et al
2006-11Dendrimer-Directed Synthesis of Shell Cross-Linked Nanocages with Amine Interior Walls서영웅; C. Downing; 이정규, et al
2008-01Discrete Molecular-Sized Nanocages Derived from Disintegratable Dendrimer Templates이정규; Mayfair C. Kung; 서영웅, et al
2001-02Effect of preparation method of catalytic layer on the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells이정규; 하흥용; 홍성안, et al
2007-05Efficient Synthesis of Immolative Carbamate Dendrimer with Olefinic Periphery이정규; 서영웅; Mayfair C. Kung, et al
1999-01Indium and tin mediated allylation reactions of 3-hydroxycephem in aqueous media.이지은; 이정규; 고훈영, et al
2001-01Indium mediated reduction of nitro and azide groups in the presence of HCI in aqueous media이정규; 최경일; 고훈영, et al
2001-04Indium-mediated asymmetric allylation이정규; 조용서; 최경일, et al
2002-04Indium-mediated diastereoselective allylation reactions: preparation of α -hydroxy and α -amino acids이정규; 최경일; 배애님, et al
2007-06Molecular-Size Nanocage for Catalysis: Shell Cross-Linked Carbamate Dendrimer Strategy이정규; Mayfair C. Kung; C. Downing, et al
2007-03Molecular-Size Nanocage with Microporous Shell and Functionalized Core: Carbamate Immolative Dendritic Synthesis Strategy and Characterization이정규; Mayfair C. Kung; C. Downing, et al
2007-11Nanocages: A New Form of Catalytic Materials이정규; Cristopher Downing; 서영웅, et al
2000-04Reduction of nitro and azide groups using indium이정규; 조용서; 배애님, et al
2000-05Selective deprotection of dimethyl acetal and ketal using allyl bromide in aqueous media권진선; 이정규; 배애님, et al
1999-01Study on performance improvement of the Pt/C electrode for PEMFC.이정규; 하흥용; 오인환, et al
2010-10비균질 효소 모방 촉매 합성 연구서영웅; 이정규
2000-04-21인듐을 이용하여 니트로기를 아민기로 환원시키는 방법고훈영; 김유승; 배애님, et al
2000-07-18전극의 제조방법 및 이 방법으로 제조된 전극남석우; 오인환; 이기춘, et al