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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-05A novel encapsulation route for the dispersion of nickel particles onto ordered mesoporous silica, SBA-15박영권; 이재호; 김희수, et al
2005-10A novel synthesis of sponge-type carbon doped titania activated under visible-light윤창연; 한미선; 김홍곤, et al
2003-11A study on the pollutant fate based on multimedia urban model신치범; 김창구; 최경희, et al
2003-10Design of catalyst for the hydrogenation production from methane김필; 김희수; 박영근, et al
2003-10Fabrication and characterization of ceramic membrane coated with mesoporous silica layer오석일; 강태욱; 김홍곤, et al
2004-05Facile synthesis of ceramic membrane functionalized with mesoporous silicas using anionic polyelectrolyte오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2005-03Facile synthesis of mesoporous silica sublayer with hierarchical pore structure on ceramic membrane using anionic polyelectrolyte강태욱; 오석일; 김홍곤, et al
2007-10Fluorination of Ceramic Membrane for the Control of Surface Property오석일; 김남동; 주지봉, et al
2008-02Global gene response to silver nanoparticles in yeast by DNA-microarrayJaved H Niazi; 홍정의; Chi Hoa Pham, et al
2003-11Modification of surface properties of ceramic membrane by fluorination오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2005-10Numerical Simulation of the Effects of the Design Feature of a Cyclone and the Inlet Flow Velocity on the Separation of CO2 Particles from a CO2-COF2 Mixture박영건; 윤창연; 이종협, et al
2003-10Preparation and characterization of mesoporous carbons for the electrocatalytic oxidation in direct methanol fuel cell김희수; 김필; 박영근, et al
2004-04Preparation and characterization of mesoporous silica asymmetric ceramic membranes오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2003-10Preparation and characterization of metal catalyst for the reduction of chlorinated hydrocarbon - 2: Hydrodechlorination of 1,1,2-trichloroethane by Ni catalyst supported on γ-Al2O3 and Ni precursor김필; 김희수; 박영근, et al
2003-05Preparation and characterization of molecular recognition mesoporous materials for the hydrodechlorination of chlorinated hydrocarbon into VCM in chemical process박영근; 강태욱; 이재호, et al
2004-05Preparation and characterization of organic/inorganic hybrid membranes using organo-silane via grafting methods오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2002-05Preparation of chemically active mesoporous adsorbent for Pt(Ⅱ) and Pd(Ⅱ) adsorption from aqueous solutions강태욱; 박영근; 박종철, et al
2007-10Removal of Bisphenol-A (BPA) Using Ceramic Membrane Modified with Trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS) via Grafting Method오석일; 김남동; 주지봉, et al
2003-05Removal of copper from water and wastewater by ion exchange resinsS. Rengaraj; 주철균; 김영훈, et al
2004-10Separation of Cu2+ using ceramic membranes functionalized with organic-modified mesoporous silica오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2003-10Separation of organic compounds in aqueous phases using fluorinated ceramic membranes오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2004-11Separaton of Cu2+ using ceramic membranes functionalized with organic-modified mesoporous silica오석일; 강태욱; 문정우, et al
2003-10Synthesis of Mesoporous NiMg-Alumina Catalyst for the Production of Synthesis Gas김필; 김희수; 김영훈, et al
2004-03The Bone Regenerative Effect of Chitosan Microsphere-Encapsulated Growth Hormone on Bony Consolidation in Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis in a Dog Model조병채; 김종엽; 이종협, et al
2005-10The multimedia integrated environmental management system software development김미숙; 김종호; 박현수, et al
1988-01실리카 담지 니켈 촉매상에서의 칼륨 첨가가 메탄화 반응 속도에 미치는 영향 .서동진; 문상흡; 임선기, et al
2003-05저가의 구조 유도체를 사용한 메조포러스 알루미나의 제조 및 특성김창묵; 김영훈; 최인희, et al
1992-01화학공학에서의 오염방지 .김상용; 이종협; 이진원, et al