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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05A method to reduce the flow depth of a plate heat exchanger without a loss of heat transfer performance송귀은; 이주현; 이대영
2012-03Adsorption Characteristics of a Novel Polymeric Desiccant이주현; 이대영
2017-03Amine-Functionalized Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient SO2 Capture with High Reversibility이현주; 이상영; 이주현, et al
2011-06Aminoquinoline derivatives as potent hepatitis C virus inhibitors이주현; 유경호; 장승기, et al
2011-07An Experimental study for Diffusivity measurement of Polymeric Desiccant김석; 이주현; 김용찬, et al
2014-02Augmented Reality-based Scoring System이주현; 김진우; 김정빈, et al
2013-12Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation탁혜진; 마무눌 하크; 김민정, et al
2014-02Book Information Retrieval Interface Base on Web-based AR김정빈; 이주현; 안상철, et al
2014-04Collaborative AR Authoring Framework using Remote Panorama and In-situ Sensors이형주; 이주현; 안상철, et al
2014-06Combined AR Authoring Framework using Desktop Panorama and In-situ Sensors이형주; 이주현; 안상철, et al
2013-10Comparison of configurations for a compact regenerative evaporative cooler이주현; BongSu Choi; 이대영
2016-06Design and synthesis of new potent anticancer benzothiazole amides and ureas featuring pyridylamide moiety and possessing dual B-RafV600E and C-Raf kinase inhibitory activities아쉬라프 카림; 이주현; 서선희, et al
2011-12Design, fabrication and testing of a compact regenerative cooler with finned channels이주현; 이대영
2010-12Dose-dependent pharmacokinetics of toxic metabolites is not related to increased toxicity following high-dose valproic acid in rats정병화; 김보준; 이민선, et al
2007-11Electrothermal Properties of Porous Ceramic Fiber Media Containing Carbon Materials박성; 권영필; 권혁천, et al
2009-02Electrothermal properties of regenerable carbon contained porous ceramic fiber media박성; 권영필; 권혁천, et al
2013-10Experimental study of a counter flow regenerative evaporative cooler with finned channels이주현; 이대영
2014-09Insight: Webized Mobile AR and Real-life Use Cases안상철; 이주현; 김진우, et al
2008-02Low temperature non-alkylphosphine based synthesis of cadmium selenide nanocrystals김대진; 이주현; 유재웅, et al
2014-04Novel 2-Aminopurine derivatives as Hsp90 Inhibitors: Synthesis, X-ray Cryctallographic Studies and Biological Evidance for Anticancer agents이주현; 신상철; 강순방, et al
2010-04Novel Benzenesulfonamide derivatives이주현; 강순방; 정낙철, et al
2010-10Novel Dihydropyridinyl acetamide and Piperidinyl acetamide derivatives이주현; 강순방; 김유승, et al
2011-11Novel Tetrahydropyridinyl and piperidinyl ethylamine derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers for the treatment of neuropathic pain이주현; 강순방; 정낙철, et al
2011-08Novel tetrahydropyridinyl and piperidinyl ethylamine derivatives: Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation as T-Type Cacium Channel Blockers이주현; 강순방; 정낙철, et al
2011-04Novel Tetrahydropyridinyl ethylamine and Piperidinyl ethylamine derivatives이주현; 강순방; 정낙철, et al
2007-05Pharmacokinetics of L-FMAUS, a new antiviral agent, after intravenous and oral administration to rats: contribution of gastrointestinal first-pass effect to low bioavailability정혜진; 이주현; Woo, SJ, et al
2011-09Preparation and Pharmacological Evaluation of New Pyrazole and Isoxazole Derivatives for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain이주현; 강순방; 정낙철, et al
2013-09Ruthenium hydroxide디팍; 이주현; 금교창
2012-11Sorption characteristics of a novel polymeric desiccant이주현; 이대영
2014-03Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-(isoxazol-5-ylmethylaminoethyl)-4-phenyl tetrahydropyridine and piperidine derivatives as potent T-type calcium channel blockers with antinociceptive effect in a neuropathic pain model이주현; 서선희; 임은정, et al