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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-12A study on the reactive compatibilization of polyester (PBT)/liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) blend : catalyst effect김광웅; 홍순만; 황승상, et al
2015-11Characterization of food waste-recycling wastewater as biogas feedstock신승구; 한규성; 이준엽, et al
2016-08Correlations between bacterial populations and process parameters in four full-scale anaerobic digesters treating sewage sludge조경진; 신승구; 구태완, et al
2019-10Development of a fluorescent scFv-type antibody for simple and rapid detection of tumor nexrosis factor alpha성창민; 이준엽; 정희진, et al
2016-09Effect of p-GaN hole concentration on the stabilization and performance of a graphene current spreading layer in near-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes김명종; 서태훈; 민정홍, et al
2000-07Effect of surface treatment of the ordering of liquid crystalline epoxy resin in CF/LCE composite황승상; 홍순만; 김광웅, et al
2007-04High efficiency phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes using triplet quantumn well structure김성현; 장정식; 홍재민, et al
2017-03Identifying methanogen community structures and their correlations with performance parameters in four full-scale anaerobic sludge digesters조경진; 황석환; 구태완, et al
1999-04Improvement of the efficiency of magnesium sacrificial anode for the buried pipelines이준엽; 이덕열; 구세진, et al
2017-12Microbial community shifts in a farm-scale anaerobic digester treating swine waste: Correlations between bacteria communities associated with hydrogenotrophic methanogens and environmental conditions조경진; 신승구; 김웅, et al
2016-08Nitrification resilience and community dynamics of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria with respect to ammonia loading shock in a nitrification reactor treating steel wastewater조경진; 신승구; 이준엽, et al
2016-09Nutrient Recovery of Starch Processing Waste to Cordyceps militaris: Solid State Cultivation and Submerged Liquid Cultivation배효관; 조경진; 이준엽, et al
2015-06Optimization of growth conditions for cultivation of Phellinus linteus mycelia using swine waste as a growth substrate구태완; 이준엽; 조경진, et al
2009-06Oxidative Coupling of Methane over Pb Substituted Chlorapatite임성우; 이대원; 서동진, et al
1999-01Relationship between the structure of the bridging group and curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins이준엽; 장정식; 홍순만, et al
2008-01Relationship between work function of indium tin oxide and device performances of C60 modified organic light-emitting diodes김성현; 장정식; 진병두, et al
2015-10Resource recovery using whey permeate to cultivate Phellinus linteus mycelium: Solid-state and submerged liquid fermentation조경진; 이준엽; 한규성, et al
2007-07Role of the interfacial layer in the efficiency and lifetime of polymeric light emitting devices진병두; 강남수; 유재웅, et al
2016-09Seasonal monitoring of bacteria and archaea in a full-scale thermophilic anaerobic digester treating food waste-recycling wastewater: Correlations between microbial community characteristics and process variables조경진; 이준엽; 한규성, et al
2006-12Study on SCR De NOx mechanism through in situ electrical conductivity measurements on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalysts하헌필; 정순효; 이준엽, et al
1998-11Synthesis and curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins based on 4,4'-biphenol.이준엽; 장정식; 황승상, et al
2009-08Synthesis and electroluminescent properties of highly efficient anthracene derivatives with bulky side groups김수강; Bing Yang; 박영일, et al
2019-01Temporal variation in bacterial and methanogenic communities of three full-scale anaerobic digesters treating swine wastewater조경진; 황석환; 신승구, et al
2001-02The effect of the curing agent content on the curing and liquid-crystalline phase of liquid-crystalline epoxy resin홍순만; 황승상; 이준엽
2012-08The effect of Zn addition into NiFe2O4 catalyst for high-temperature shift reaction of natural gas reformate assuming no external steam addition이명석; 이준엽; 이대원, et al
1999-03The relationship between the mesogenic structure and curing behavior of ar0matic ester type liquid crystalline epoxy resins이준엽; 장정식; 홍순만, et al
2013-07The review of Cr-free Fe-based catalysts for high-temperature water-gas shift reactions이대원; 이명석; 이준엽, et al