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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06A ferroelectric photocatalyst for enhancing hydrogen evolution: polarized particulate suspension박상백; 이찬우; 강민규, et al
1998-01A novel precursor for color and fluorescence iamging김종만; 강종희; 한동근, et al
1998-04Alicyclic polymers based on t-BOC-dinorbonene as resists materials이재형; 강종희; 김종만, et al
1998-11Bis-GMA/3MA 프리폴리머를 함유한 치과용 복합레진의 물리적 특성 및 생체친화성 .전호욱; 한동근; 이찬우, et al
1998-10Bis-GMA/3MA mixture as a new prepolymer system for dental restorative composite resins한동근; 전호욱; 이찬우, et al
1998-09Bis-GMA/trimethacrylate composite resins for dental restorations전호욱; 한동근; 이찬우, et al
2015-12Controlling oxide surface dipole and reactivity with intrinsic nonstoichiometric epitaxial reconstructions김승철; Ofer Sinai; 이찬우, et al
2015-12Graphene Quantum Sheet Catalyzed Silicon Photocathode for Selective CO 2 Conversion to CO양기동; 하윤호; 심욱, et al
1998-01Insoluble polymer catalysts for photooxidation of amine김종만; 한동근; 이찬우, et al
2009-06Multi-Regulated Color Tuning of a Patterned Polymer Film Incorporating Pendant Phenoxyquinones and Phenolphthaleins안광덕; 강종희; 지기환, et al
1998-01New alicyclic polymers based on protected dinorbornene monomers for application as deep UV resists안광덕; 강종희; 이찬우, et al
2003-08New aromatic tert-amines for application as photoinitiator components in photocurable dental materials.안광덕; 한동근; 이석현, et al
1998-03New multifunctional bis-GMA derivatives for dental restorative polymers한동근; 전호옥; 박경준, et al
1998-01New single-component resists based on functional polynorborneneimides by chemical amplification for deep UV lithography이찬우; 신중한; 강종희, et al
1998-12Novel fluorescence and color imaging in polymer films by UV irradiation김종만; 정병오; 한동근, et al
1998-04Novel precusors for color and fluorescence imaging박영화; 김종만; 한동근, et al
2015-05Partially Oxidized Sub-10 nm MnO Nanocrystals with High Activity for Water Oxidation Catalysis진경석; 추아림; 박지민, et al
1998-06Photopolymerization and photoreaction of 5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximido alkanoic acids이찬우; 이재형; 김종만, et al
1999-01Photopolymerization of bifunctional maleimides based on electron-donor/acceptor systems이찬우; 김종만; 한동근, et al
1999-04Physical properties and biocompatibility of dental composite resins containing Bis-GMA/multimethacrylate prepolymers한동근; 전호욱; 이찬우, et al
1998-04Polymer sensors for metal and acid detection정병오; 김종만; 한동근, et al
1997-11Synthesis and light curing of new multifunctional methacrylates derived from Bis-GMA for dental applications안광덕; 이찬우; 김영하, et al
1998-04Synthesis and photoreaction of 5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximidoalkanoic acid derivatives이찬우; 김종만; 한동근, et al
1998-10Synthesis and polymerizations of norborneneimide derivatives and applications of the polymers to photoimaging이찬우; 김종만; 한동근, et al
1998-10Synthesis and properties of polynorborneneimides for single-component photoimaging systems신중한; 이찬우; 김종만, et al
2000-01Synthesis and radical polymerization of bifunctional maleimides with different functional reactivities안광덕; 김종만; 이찬우, et al
2009-10Synthesis of Cyanato-functional Polymaleimides and Their Application to Negative-tone Photoimaging by Post-crosslinking이찬우; 김준우; 이재형, et al
1998-04리빙라디칼에 의한 Styrene/N-phenylmaleimide 의 공중합장태은; 이찬우; 조창기, et al
1999-05용해성 유기 광전도성 물질의 합성과 특성안광덕; 김종만; 강종희, et al
1998-05치과 수복재료용 다관능성 Bis-GMA 유도체의 합성 및 특성전호욱; 한동근; 박경준, et al