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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-102-D FEM analysis of longitudinal magnetic recording media taking account of hysteresis model.신경호; 설상철; 이택동, et al
1999-09A double underlayer for Co-based longitudinal recording thin film media이택동; 홍수열; 배승영, et al
1999-01A noble underlayer for high density longitudinal recording media신경호; 홍수열; 이택동
1994-01A study of redistribution phenomenon of solute atoms in CoCrTa and CoCr perpendicular recording films by annealing.신경호; 황충호; 박용수, et al
1997-11A study on a novel CoTi underlayer for CoCrPt longitudinal magnetic recording films홍수열; 이택동; 신경호
1993-09A study on the magnetic anisotropy of Co-Cr-(Ta) thin films for perpendicular magnetic recording.신경호; 이택동; 황충호, et al
1997-01Application of vector moving preisach model to longitudinal thin film media설상철; 강탁; 신경호, et al
1995-04(Co-Cr)-P-Ni 합금박막의 자기적 특성 .박창민; 신경호; 손홍균, et al
2009-03Comparison of Tunneling Characteristics in the MTJs of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB with Lower and Higher Tunneling Magnetoresistance최경민; 신경호; S. A. Seo, et al
1996-09Effect of a Cr interlayer on properties of CoCrTa/Cr media : experiments and simulations.신경호; 이경진; 김상호, et al
1995-11Effect of a flash Cr interlayer on properties of CoCrTa/Cr media.신경호; 이경진; 김상호, et al
1995-10Effect of Al underlayer on the microstructures of CoCrTa/Cr films.신경호; 장한성; 이택동, et al
1995-11Effects of Al micro-bumps on the magnetic properties and morphology of CoCrTa/Cr/Al thin films.신경호; 장한성; 박중근, et al
1996-09Effects of Cr/Al underlayer on magnetic properties and crystallography in CoCrPtTa/Cr/Al thin films.신경호; 장한성; 이택동, et al
1995-11Effects of P addition on magnetic interactions and microstructures in Co-Cr-P-Pt magnetic thin films.신경호; 손홍균; 강탁, et al
1995-10Effects of Pt and Cr addition on magnetic properties in Co-Cr-P-Pt magnetic thin films.신경호; 손홍균; 이택동, et al
1999-01Effects of substrate bias voltage on properties of CoCrTa/Cr media김상호; 신경호; 이택동
1995-11Effects of substrate bias voltage on properties of CoCrTa/Cr media.신경호; 김상호; 이택동
2007-05Enhanced switching current density due to resonant precession in current-induced magnetization switching김우진; 이택동; 이장은, et al
1999-04Enhancement of magnetic properties in CoCrPt longitudinal recording media by Cr75Ti25/CoTi bilayer홍수열; 이택동; 신경호
2008-12Fabrication of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions With Co?? FeSi Heusler Alloy and MgO Crystalline Barrier임우창; 최경민; 이택동, et al
1997-04Implementation of vector moving preisach model using texture coefficients as easy axis distribution설상천; 강탁; 신경호, et al
1986-12Influence of sputtering condition on the thin film characteristics in Co-base alloys김희중; 한석희; 이택동, et al
1994-11Magnetic properties of (Co93Cr7)-P-Pt/Cr thin films for longitudinal magnetic recording media신경호; 손홍균; 설상철, et al
1993-01On magnetic properties of CoCrTa perpendicular magnetic recording media.신경호; 이택동; 황충호, et al
2000-09Proceedings of the International Symposium on Magnetics for the 10th Anniversary of the Korean Magnetics Society.임상호; 김철성; 이택동
1999-09RF-bias effect on structural and magnetic properties in CoCrPt/Cr75Ti25/CoTi trilayer type longitudinal recording media홍수열; 신경호; 이택동
1988-01SnO//2 함량이 ITO 박막의 미세조직과 전기적 광학적 특성에 미치는 영향 .나종갑; 조영래; 박순자, et al
1987-01Sputter 조건과 열처리온도가 ITO 박막의 전기적 및 광학적 특성에 미치는 영향 .나종갑; 조영래; 장평우, et al
1994-11Sputter texturing methods for alternative substrates.신경호; 장한성; 박중근, et al