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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07A capacitively coupled plasma discharge with segmented multi-holed electrode on large area이헌수; 이윤성; 장홍영
2015-11Continuous and rapid stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fiber bundles assisted by atmospheric pressure plasma for fabricating large-tow carbon fibers김소영; 이성호; 박세준, et al
2014-04Design of microwave plasma and enhanced mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites reinforced with microwave plasma-treated carbon fiber fabric이헌수; 김소영; 노예지, et al
2013-02Design of Microwave Plasma and Enhanced Mechanical Property of Thermoplastic Composites Reinforced with the Microwave Plasma Treated Carbon Fiber Fabric김소영; 노예지; 김성륜, et al
2012-10Development of Low Cost Process for Carbon Fiber Using Plasma Technology김소영; 이헌수; 이성호, et al
2015-10Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민, et al
2013-04Efficient preparation of carbon fibers using plasma assisted stabilization이승욱; 이화영; 장성연, et al
2018-05Electrically and Thermally Conductive Carbon Fibre Fabric Reinforced Polymer composites Based on Nanocarbons and an In-situ Polymerizable Cyclic Oligoester이헌수; 장지운; 박형철, et al
2015-04Evaluation of Mechanical and Antimicrobial Properties of Lignin Nanofibers Insolubilized by Plasma Treatment이은실; 이헌수; 정용채
2011-08Frequency effect of multi hole RF CCP Discharge이헌수; 김은애; 장홍영
2013-05High-Speed Fabrication of Carbon Fiber Fabric Composites with Low Viscosity Thermoplastic Polymer Resin노예지; 김성륜; 이헌수, et al
2014-05Implementation and Performance Analysis of Smartphone-based 3D PDR System with Hybrid Motion and Heading Classifier신범주; 이석; 김철기, et al
2015-04Insolubilization of Lignin nanofibers Using Plasma Treatment이은실; 이헌수; 정용채
2014-11Mechanical properties of plasma treated carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민, et al
2015-03Micro-arc ignition on the oily surface of capacitively-coupled plasma김용훈; 이헌수; 장홍영
2015-01Microwave plasma carbonization for the fabrication of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber김소영; 김성륜; 이성호, et al
2011-11RF capacitively coupled plasma with multi-hole multi electrode이헌수; 이윤성; 서상훈, et al
2012-02Spatial control of RF capacitively coupled plasma using divided multi-holed electrode이헌수; 이윤성; 장홍영
2011-03Tensile Properties and Morphology of Carbon Fibers Stabilized by Plasma treatment이승욱; 이화영; 장성연, et al
2011-08The characteristics of the multi-hole RF capacitively coupled plasma discharged with neon, argon and krypton이헌수; 이윤성; 서상훈, et al
2015-10The characteristics of the MWCNT after treatment with inductively coupled plasma김우영; 정용채; 유재상, et al
2012-09The discharge condition to enhance electron density of capacitively coupled plasma with multi-holed electrode이헌수; 이윤성; 장홍영
2013-11The effect of the driving frequency on the optimum hole diameter for efficient multi-hole electrode RF capacitively coupled plasma이헌수; 김은애; 이윤성, et al
2015-07Two step microwave plasma carbonization including low plasma power pre-carbonization for polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber김성륜; 김소영; 최지성, et al
2016-10Volume change of expanded graphite via inductively coupled plasma treatment and mutual relation between expansion volume and thermal conductivity of polymer composites이헌수; 김성륜; 김우영, et al
2013-09-27그래핀-산화아연 복합체 제조방법 및 이를 이용하여 제조한 압전 소자김성륜; 김현수; 양철민, et al
2013-02-12그리드 구조를 이용한 폴리머 안정화 장치김소영; 이성호; 이헌수, et al
2014-01-17오목 구조부를 포함하는 플라즈마 액추에이터구본철; 김성륜; 김소영, et al
2012-05-22직물용 폴리아크릴로니트릴 섬유를 이용한 고성능 탄소섬유의 제조방법이성호; 이승욱; 이헌수, et al