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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-11A Material Development Toward Long Cyclic Super-resolution Readout and Writing정병기; 이현석; 이택성, et al
2005-04A semiconducting thermooptic material for potential application to super-resolution optical data storage이현석; 정병기; 이택성, et al
2005-11An Experimental Analysis of the Thermo-optic Characteristics of PbTe Thin Films by a Real Time Electrical-Optical Characterization이현석; 이택성; 정증현, et al
2006-05An experimental investigation on the origin of super-resolution effects of Te-based chalcogenide semiconducting thin films이현석; 이택성; 정증현, et al
2005-11An NSOM measurement of the near-field intensity profile of transmitted light due to a PbTe thin film material for super-resolution optical memory이택성; 이현석; 정증현, et al
2006-09Analysis of the Optical Near-field due to PbTe Thin Films for Super-resolution Optical Memory이택성; 이현석; 김원목, et al
2019-09Carbon-free Mn-doped LiFePO4 cathode for highly transparent thin-film batteries최지원; 송종한; 정경윤, et al
2007-09Characteristics of phase change memory devices based on Ge-doped SbTe and its derivative정병기; 정증현; 이수연, et al
2007-10Characterization of Superresolution Effects of Te-based Chalcogenide Thin Films at Blue Light Regime이현석; 이택성; 최지훈, et al
2006-10Characterization of the super-resolution effects of PbTe thin films이현석; 이택성; 정증현, et al
2009-02Crystallization and memory programming characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe materials of varying Sb:Te ratio정증현; 이현석; 이수연, et al
2020-08Direct Synthesis of Intermetallic Platinum-Alloy Nanoparticles Highly-Loaded on Carbon Supports for Efficient Electrocatalysis유성종; 이동욱; 이응준, et al
2010-01Enhanced thermal efficiency for amorphization in nano-structured Ge2Sb2Te5-TiOx films이동복; 강동민; 권민호, et al
2010-04Enhanced Thermal Efficiency of Ge2Sb2Te5 Phase Change Flims Using the Microstructure Modification이동복; 여호기; 이현석, et al
2007-10Facile Preparation of Fluorescent Polymers by Click Chemistry이현석; 강종희; 김준영, et al
2009-04Ge-doped SbTe 박막의 광학적 특성연구박준우; 이현석; 정병기, et al
2020-03Hybrid Thin-Film Encapsulation for All-Solid-State Thin-Film Batteries최지원; 최원국; 이현석, et al
2007-10Improved Superresolution Readout by Nitrogen Addition in Ge-doped SbTe이택성; 이현석; 최지훈, et al
2011-03Investigation of the structural and optical properties of Ge-doped SbTe films with various Sb:Te ratios강태동; Andrei Sirenko; 박준우, et al
2008-09Investigation on the improved superresolution effect by nitorgen addition in Ge-doped SbTe이현석; 이택성; 최지훈, et al
2009-09Investigation on the role of nitrogen in crystallization of Sb-rich phase change materials최지훈; 이현석; 이택성, et al
2019-03Li Alloy-based Non-Volatile Actuators강종윤; 송현철; 백승협, et al
2008-11Microstructural and Optical Analysis of Superresolution Phenomena due to Ge2Sb2Te5 Thin Films at Blue Light Regime이현석; 이택성; 이용운, et al
2015-11Optical Properties and Electrochemical Performance of LiFePO4 Thin Films Deposited on Transparent Current Collectors이현석; 임해나; 김광범, et al
2007-03Origin of nonlinear optical characteristics of crystalline Ge-Sb-Te thin films for possible superresolution effects이현석; 정병기; 이택성, et al
2007-03Real time optical-electrical characterization of PbTe thin film material for super-resolution optical memory이현석; 이택성; 정증현, et al
2008-10Sb-다량 함유된 상변화 재료의 결정화 시 질소 첨가의 효과에 관한 연구이현석; 이택성; 최지훈, et al
2018-11Scalable fabrication of flexible thin-film batteries for smart lens applications최지원; 김상태; 이현석, et al
2010-04Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Raman Spectroscopy of Ge-doped SbTe Thin Films박준우; 이호순; 강태동, et al
2007-11Study on Readout Mechanism of Superresolution Read-Only-Memory Disc with Te-based Chalcogenide Thin Films Using Blue laser이현석; 이택성; 최지훈, et al