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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-011,5-hydride shift in the aluminum chloride promoted allylsilylation of 5-silyl-1-alkenes최근묵; 유복렬; 이호진, et al
1998-0113C NMR analysis for the characterization of heme electronic/molecular structure in horse myoglobin cyanide이강봉; 권지혜; 이호진, et al
2015-12A colorimetric probe to determine Pb2+ using functionalized silver nanoparticles노권철; 남윤식; 이호진, et al
2018-07A neuroprotective brain stimulation for vulnerable cerebellar Purkinje cell after ischemic stroke: a study with low-intensity focused ultrasound김진현; 김형민; 김민주, et al
1999-12A new functional model complex of extradiol-cleaving catechol dioxygenases: properties and reactivity of [FeⅡ(BLPA)DBCH]BPh4임지혜; 박태훈; 이호진, et al
1998-06A new model for the reduced form of purple acid phosphatase: structure and properties of [Fe ₂BPLMP(OAc) ₂](BPh ₄) ₂임선화; 이호진; 이강봉, et al
2000-11A novel iron(III) complex with a tridentate ligand as a functional model for catechol dioxygenases: properties and reactivity of [Fe(BBA)DBC]CIO4윤성호; 이호진; 이강봉, et al
2002-10A theoretical study of conformational properties for N-methyl azapeptide derivatives이호진; 송종원; 최영상, et al
1996-01A ¹³C NMR determination for monomer compositions in ethylene-propylene copolymers, ethylene-propylene-butene-1, and elthylene-propylene-diene terpolymers이강봉; 권지혜; 이호진, et al
2016-06Advanced fluorescent protein-based synapse detectors김진현; 성지혜; 이호진, et al
2003-10Conformational preference of azaglycine-containing dipeptides studied by PCM and IPCM methods.이호진; 정희정; 김종현, et al
2009-10Conformational preferences of N-acetyl-glyine-glycine-N'-methylamide: A theoretical study이호진; 박현미; 이강봉
1999-03Conformational study of azapeptide as a template to fix specific secondary structurein peptides이호진; 최영상; 김영만, et al
2000-07Effect of the substituents at the silicon of (ω-chloroalkyl)silanes on the alkylation to benzene유복렬; 김정현; 이호진, et al
2015-06From a meso- to micro-scale connectome: Array Tomography and mGRASP라종철; 린칭; Shaul Druckmann, et al
2016-12Highly selective colorimetric detection of Zn(II) ions using label-freesilver nanoparticles이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식, et al
2002-07Hydrogen Bonding Abilities of Thioacetamide이호진; 최영상; 이강봉, et al
2003-06NBO approach to evaluate origin of rotational barrier of diformylhydrazine이호진; 이명호; 최영상, et al
2005-01Preparation of Maghemite Nanoparticles for Clinical Applications우경자; 이호진
2000-06Role of azaamino acid residue in β-turn formation and stability in designed peptide이호진; 안인애; 노성구, et al
2000-04Role of azaamino acid residue in β-turn formation and stability in designed peptide이호진; 최영상; 김영만, et al
2003-10Sol-gel mediated synthesis of Fe₂O₃ nanorods우경자; 이호진; 안재평, et al
1999-04Solution conformation of functional site, 21-residue peptide derived from p16INK4A이호진; 노성구; 최영상, et al
1999-08Solution conformation on bovine growth hormone releasing factor by ¹H NMR and molecular modeling권지혜; 이호진; 김영만, et al
2000-08Solution structure of 21-residue peptide (Asp 84-Leu 104), functional site derived from p16INK4A이호진; 안인애; 노성구, et al
2000-12Synthesis and characterization of the mixed-valence [FeⅡFeⅢBPLNP(OAc)₂](BPh₄)₂ complex as a model for the reduced form of the purple acid phosphatase이재승; Dong J. Jung; 이호진, et al
2004-05Synthesis and magnetism of hematite and maghemite nanoparticles우경자; 이호진
2003-07Synthesis and magnetism of hematite and maghemite nanoparticles.우경자; 이호진
2001-07The β-turn preferential solution conformation of a tetrapeptide containing an azaamino acid residue이호진; K. H. Choi; 안인애, et al
2007-01The β-turn scaffold of tripeptide containing an azaphenylalanine residue이호진; 박현미; 이강봉