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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-08Comparison of propagation losses of single-mode GaAs/AlGaAs waveguides in a three- and a five layer structure.김선호; 변영태; 박경현, et al
1999-12Controlling optical spatio-temporal chaos by fourier space filtering곽금철; 박정구; 이태용, et al
1993-03Dependence of optical phase conjugation on incident beam position and intensity.전형욱; 손정영; 이임걸, et al
2006-08Development of a time multiplexed HMD type multi-focus 3D display system김동욱; 임동건; 권용무, et al
2007-09Effect of oxygen in the synthesis of ZnO nanowires박경수; 최영진; 박재관, et al
1998-01Efficient single-mode GaAs/AlGaAs W waveguide phase modulator with a low propagation loss변영태; 박경현; 김선호, et al
1997-08Electro-holographic display using HPO CGH김성규; 손정영; 이제인, et al
1996-03Electro-optical properties of the intensity and the phase for the reflected light in reflective mode, 45˚ twisted nematic liquid crystal cells이건준; 김상혁; 조재철, et al
1999-07Electrooptic response of the reflective liquid crystal cell:intensity and phase behaviors이건준; 조재철; 임동건
1996-11GaAs/Al//0//.//4 Ga//0//.//6As ridge-type waveguide phase modulator with a high phase modulation efficiency.변영태; 박경현; 김선호, et al
1995-12GaAs/AlGaAs 광위상 변조기의 제작과 측정 .김병성; 정영철; 변영태, et al
1996-01GaAs/AlGaAs waveguide phase modulator using a five-layer heterostructure.변영태; 김선호; 최상삼, et al
1997-01Generation of hologram data for electro-holographic display김성규; 손정영; 이제인, et al
1999-11Holographic video system using fourier transform and data reduction김성규; 손정영; 전주환, et al
1999-02Holographic video system using fourier transform method adapted to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional data calculation김성규; Sergei A. Shestak; 손정영, et al
2007-08Laterally grown SnO2 nanowires and their NO2 gas sensing characteristics박재환; 임동건; 최영진, et al
1996-02Single-mode GaAs/AlGaAs W waveguides with a low propagation loss변영태; 박경현; 김선호, et al
1996-01Single-mode PPpinNN GaAs/AlGaAs W-waveguide phase modulator with a low propagation loss and high phase shift efficiency.변영태; 김선호; 최상삼, et al
2012-08SnO2 Nanowire Gas Sensor Operating at Room Temperature조문성; 오병진; 임동건, et al
2008-06SnO2 nanowires bridged across trenched electrodes and their gas-sensing characteristics정태환; 권순일; 박재환, et al
2002-02Stabilization and characterization of a 10 GHz harmonically mode-locked Er-doped fiber ring laser by suppression of relaxation oscillation장지웅; 이유승; 전영민, et al
2000-11Stabilization of a 10 GHz harmonically mode-locked fiber ring laser by suppression of the relaxation oscillation frequency component장지웅; 이유승; 김동환, et al
1999-01Stereoscopic display system using fourier transform lens김성규; 손정영; 임동건
2008-09Structural, optical, and electrical properties of semiconducting ZnO nanosheets박재환; 강교성; 권순일, et al
1999-12Various patterns with liquid crystal light valve곽금철; 박정구; 이태용, et al
1998-12Visual method of measuring reflection-type characteristics of holographic optical elements김재순; Vadim V. Smirnov; 손정영, et al
1995-04W 모양의 굴절률 분포를 갖는 GaAs/AlGaAs strip-loaded 단일모드 곡선 도파로의 복사 손실 .변영태; 박경현; 김선호, et al
1997-05기록마크 형태와 크기변화에 따른 재생신호 특성분석 .변석주; 변성룡; 이경근, et al
1988-10네마틱 - 스멕틱 A 상전이 근처의 네마틱 bend elastic constant 에 대한 광산란 실험 연구 .변영태; 김두철; 임동건
1997-03높은 위상변조 효율을 갖는 GaAsAl0.4Ga0.6As ridge 도파로 위상변조기변영태; 김선호; 최상삼, et al