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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06A near-infrared fluorescence-based optical Thermosensor이승영; 이슬기; 윤인찬, et al
2010-09A plasmonic biosensor array by block copolymer lithography신동옥; 정종렬; 한태희, et al
2004-12Blue Light-Emitting Polymer/Dielectric Nanolayer Nanocomposites: Impediment of Excimer Formation and Enhancement of Photostability박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2003-09Enchancement of electroluminescence life time in a blue-light-emitting polymer doped with gold nanoparticles.김영철; 박종혁; 임용택, et al
2003-03Enhanced quantum efficiency in blue emitting polymer/dielectric nanolayer nanocomposite light-emitting devices박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2004-01Enhanced quantum efficiency in blue-emitting polymer/dielectric nanolayer nanocomposite light-emitting devices박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2003-05Enhancement of electroluminescence lifetime in a blue-light-emitting polymer doped with gold nanoparticels김영철; 박종혁; 임용택, et al
2003-04Enhancement of photostability in blue-light-emitting polymers doped with gold nanoparticles.박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2016-12In vivo stepwise immunomodulation using chitosan nanoparticles as a platform nanotechnology for cancer immunotherapy안형준; 한희동; 변영선, et al
2003-04Light-emitting diodes using gold nanoparticles박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2003-04Photo-physical characterizatin of polyfluorene/clay nanocomposite박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2016-12Polydopamine-mediated all-in-one device with superhydrophilicity and superhydrophobicity for one-step oil/water separation and pollutant purification구혜영; 장우리; 한나라, et al
2004-02Polymer/Gold Nanoparticle Nanocomposite Light-Emitting Diodes: Enhancement of Electroluminescence Stability and Quantum Efficiency of Blue-Light-Emitting Polymers박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥, et al
2017-07Surface design of separators for oil/water separation with high separation capacity and nmechanical stability구혜영; 장우리; 임용택, et al
2018-11Targeted cellular delivery of robust enzyme nanoparticles for the treatment of drug-induced hepatotoxicity and liver injury김선화; Min Sang Lee; Nak Won Kim, et al
2003-04-30나노복합체를 발광층으로 이용하는 고분자 전기발광 소자김영철; 김재경; 박오옥, et al