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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-01A new C//2-symmetric chiral bisphosphone ligand containing a bioxazole backbone : highly enantioselective hydrosilylation of ketones이상기; 임청우; 송충의, et al
1999-09C2-symmetric bisphosphinobioxazoline as a chiral ligand: Palladium catalyzed allylic substitutions and rhodium catalyzed hydrosilylations이상기; 임청우; 이재균
1999-06C₂-symmetric bisphosphinobioxazoline as a chiral ligand. Highly enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic substitutions and formation of P,N,N,P tetradentate palladium (II) complexes이상기; 임청우; 송충의, et al
1996-01Formation of stable solvent-trapped carbonyl oxide from the ozonolysis of indole derivatives.송충의; 이상기; 임청우, et al
2000-11One-pot synthesis of C₂-symmetric N,N' -diaryl bis(oxazolidin-2-ones) as precursors for N,N' -diaryl 2,3-diamino-1,4-butanediols이상기; 임청우; 이재균, et al
1999-01Palladium catalyzed enantioselective allylic substitution using C2-symmetric phosphinobioxazole and phosphinobioxazine as chiral ligand이상기; 임청우; 이소하
2001-02Rh-catalyzed enantioselective hydrosilylation of aromatic ketones using (S,S)-phos-biox as a chiral ligand이상기; 임청우
1999-01Rhodium catalyzed enantioselective hydrosilylations of ketones using C2-symmetric bioxazolines as chiral ligands이상기; 임청우; 송충의, et al
1997-01Synthesis of new C ₂ -symmetric bioxazoles and application as chiral ligands in asymmetric hydrosilylation이상기; 임청우; 송충의, et al
2000-04Synthesis of the first water-soluble C₂-symmetric bis(oxazolidinone) as a potential bifunctional chiral auxiliary이상기; 임청우; 김동찬, et al
2000-07-13수용성 키랄 보조제로서의(5R,5'R)-5,5'-비스(옥사졸리딘-2-온) 및 이의 제조방법이상기; 이재균; 임청우