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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-01A simplified phase diagra in the ternary system Y2O3-Ta(Nb)2O5-ZrO2이득용; 김대준; 장주웅, et al
1995-01Determination of solid solubility limit of GeO//2 in 2 mol% Y//2O//3-stabilized tetragonal ZrO//2 by raman spectroscopy.김대준; 장주웅; 정형진, et al
1997-01Effect of tetravalent dopants on Raman spectra of tetragonal zirconia김대준; 장주웅; 이홍림
2009-08Effect of γ-ray irradiation on surface oxidation of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene/zirconia composite prepared by in situ Ziegler-Natta polymerization곽순종; 노동일; 전흥재, et al
2001-01Flaw tolerance of (Y,Nb)-TZP/Al₂O₃ composites이득용; 김대준; 이명현, et al
1998-01Fracture toughness, ionic conductivity, and low-temperature phase stability of tetragonal zirconia codoped with yttria and niobium oxide김대준; 정형진; 장주웅, et al
2001-09Glass-alumina composites prepared by melt-infiltration: I. Effect of alumina particle size이득용; 장주웅; 김대준, et al
2002-02Glass-alumina composites prepared by melt-infiltration: Ⅱ. Kinetic studies이득용; 장주웅; 이명현, et al
1997-01Influence of applied electric field on low temperature degradation of Y-TZP장주웅; 이홍림; 김대준, et al
2002-01Kinetic Study of La2O3-Al2O3-SiO2 glass infiltration into Spinel Preforms이득용; 장주웅; 김병수, et al
2002-01Kinetic study of La₂O₃-Al₂O₃-SiO₂ glass infiltration into spinel preforms이득용; 장주웅; 김병수, et al
1997-01Phase stability and physical properties of ZrO2 doped with Y2O3 and Nb2O5이득용; 김대준; 조경식, et al
1999-05Phase stability of (Y,NB)-TZP/Al2O3 composites under low temperature hydrothermal conditions이득용; 김대준; 장주웅, et al
2001-04Raman spectral characterization of existing phases in the ZrO2-Y2O3-Nb2O5 system이득용; 장주웅; 김대준
2001-11Size effect of trivalent oxides on low temperature phase stability of 2Y-TZP장주웅; 김대준; Deuk Yong Lee
1998-12Y-Nb-TZP/Al//2O//3 복합체의 저온 상안정성 및 기계적 특성이득용; 김대준; 조경식, et al
1995-01라만을 통한 정방정 지르코니아 고용체의 미세격자구조 연구 .김대준; 허진우; 정병두, et al
1999-05-07정방정 지르코니아 분말, 그를 이용한 정방정 지르코니아/알루미나 복합체김대준; 이득용; 장주웅