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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-07-082형 양자우물을 포함하는 p형 반도체 소자 및 그 제조 방법.구현철; 김형준; 송진동, et al
2006-03A novel growth method of single-crystalline Bi nanowires심우영; 이경일; 장준연, et al
2002-04A novel technique for the measurement of Ge adatom surface migration length on Si(001)H.J.Kim; 장준연; Y.H.Xie
2005-10A Novel Type of Spin Injection Barrier in a GaAs Based Two-Dimensional Electron Gas System구현철; 이현정; 송진동, et al
2009-09A spin field effect transistor using stray magnetic fields구현철; 엄종화; 장준연, et al
2004-06A technique for the measurement of surface diffusion coefficient and activation energy of Ge adatoms on Si(001)김형준; Z.M.Zhao; J.Liu, et al
2002-08Al-10%Si-2%Cu-1%Mg-0.5%Mn 합금 주괴의 고온변형장준연; 문인기
2016-04All-electric spin transistor using perpendicular spins김지훈; 배주형; 민병철, et al
2016-01All-Electrical Measurement of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Using Collective Spin-Wave Dynamics이종민; 장차운; 민병철, et al
2009-12Analysis of current-voltage characteristics of Fe/MgO/GaAs junctions using self-consistent field modeling박용주; M.C.Hickey; M.J.Van Veenhuizen, et al
2009-12Analysis of current-voltage characteristics of GaAs/MgO/Fe and InGaAs/MgO/Fe junction심성훈; 장준연; 김경호, et al
2009-10Analysis of current-voltage characteristics of GaAs/MgO/Fe junction심성훈; 장준연; 김경호, et al
2013-09Anisotropic magnetoresistance of an epitaxial Fe stripe grown on MgO/GaAs심성훈; 김경호; 김형준, et al
2014-12Antiferromagnetic exchange interactions among dopant electrons in Si nanowires문창연; 민병철; 이정훈, et al
1992-12As-cast and heat treated microstructures of gamma-based titanium aluminides문인기; 장준연; 박종우, et al
2008-03Bistable Voltage Transition Using Spin-Orbit Interaction in a Ferromagnet-Semiconductor Hybrid Structure구현철; 이현정; 장준연, et al
2013-04Chameleon processor : non-volatile reprogrammable logic deviceJOO Sungjung; SHIN Sang Hoon; LIM Ju Young, et al
2007-03Channel Width Effect on the Spin-Orbit Interaction Parameter in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas권재현; 구현철; 장준연, et al
1999-04Characteristics of shear deformation in the equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)고흥석; 장준연; 최성규, et al
2011-07Combinatorial growth of Si nanoribbons박태언; Ki-Young Lee; Ilsoo Kim, et al
2007-01Computation of the preferential nucleation sites for Ge quantum dots on a relaxed SiGe layer신찬선; 진형하; 장준연, et al
2009-09Control of Spin Precession in a Spin-Injected Field Effect Transistor구현철; 권재현; 엄종화, et al
2001-07Crystal morphology of eutectic Si in rare earth modified Al-7wt%Si alloy장준연
2015-10Crystalline Direction Dependence of Spin Precession Angle and Its Application to Complementary Spin Logic Devices박윤호; 김형준; 장준연, et al
2018-03Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo films장준연; 구현철; 민병철, et al
2010-11Detection of Rashba field using a rotational applied field장현철; 박윤호; 구현철, et al
2011-04Detection of Rashba field using a rotational applied field장현철; 박윤호; 구현철, et al
2006-03Detection of the Rashba Effect in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas고재범; 구현철; 이현정, et al
2014-05Determination of g-factor in a quantum well channel with a strong Rashba effect최원영; 장준연; 이정훈, et al
2009-06Determination of Spin-Orbit Interaction in InAs Heterostructure이태영; 구현철; 김경호, et al