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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-02Cationic and thermosensitive protamine conjugated gels for enhancing sustained human growth hormone delivery박미란; 전창주; 안성원, et al
2009-10Chemically crosslinkable thermosensitive polyphosphazene gels as injectable materials for biomedical applications트리무디; 전창주; 송수창
2011-07Controlling the degradation rate of thermoresponsive photo-cross-linked poly(organophosphazene) hydrogels with compositions of depsipeptide and PEG chain lengths트리무디; 전창주; 송수창
2011-05Design of Polyphosphazene Hydrogels with Improved Structural Properties by Use of Star-Shaped Multithiol Crosslinkers트리무디; 전창주; 송수창
2009-09Doxorubicin-polyphosphazene conjugate hydrogels for locally controlled delivery of cancer therapeutics전창주; 이선미; 김장원, et al
2010-07Dual Cross-Linking Systems of Functionally Photo-Cross-Linkable and Thermoresponsive Polyphosphazene Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications트리무디; 전창주; 송수창
2010-10Enhancement of sustained and controlled protein release using polyelectrolyte complex-loaded injectable and thermosensitive hydrogel박미란; 전창주; 조종수, et al
2010-05Functionalized Thermosensitive Polyphosphazene Hydrogels for Injectable Biomedical Applications전창주; 박미란; 트리무디, et al
2010-07In Vivo Long-term Monitorial Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Therapy System for Solid Tumors Using Intratumoral Administration of Theragnostic Substances김장일; 이범석; 전창주, et al
2009-06Injectable and Thermosensitive Poly(organophosphazene) Hydrogels for a 5-Fluorouracil Delivery이선미; 전창주; 허정윤, et al
2012-08Injectable poly(organophosphazene)-camptothecin conjugate hydrogels: Synthesis, characterization, and antitumor activities조정교; 전창주; 구효정, et al
2010-10Injectable, dual cross-linkable polyphosphazene blend hydrogels트리무디; 전창주; 송수창
2012-03Long-term theranostic hydrogel system for solid tumors김장일; 이범석; 전창주, et al
2012-06MRI-monitored long-term therapeutic hydrogel system for brain tumors without surgical resection김장일; 김보라; 전창주, et al
2010-12Rapid Photocrosslinkable Thermoresponsive Injectable Polyphosphazene Hydrogels트리무디; 전창주; 송수창
2010-12Sustained delivery of human growth hormone using a polyelectrolyte complex-loaded thermosensitive polyphosphazene hydrogel박미란; 전창주; 안성원, et al
2011-11The biological efficiency and bioavailability of human growth hormone delivered using injectable, ionic, thermosensitive poly(organophosphazene)-polyethylenimine conjugate hydrogels서보배; 박미란; 전창주, et al
2009-10The use of injectable, thermosensitive poly(organophosphazene)-RGD conjugates for the enhancement of mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation전창주; 임혜진; 홍기연, et al
2009-03Thermosensitive poly(organophosphazene)-paclitaxel conjugate gels for antitumor applications전창주; 이선미; 김상윤, et al
2010-07Thermosensitive Polyphosphazene-Anticancer Drug Conjugates: Locally Injectable and Controlled Delivery of Cancer Therapeutics전창주; 이선미; 김장원, et al
2012-01Thermosensitive/magnetic poly(organophosphazene) hydrogel as a long-term magnetic resonance contrast platform김장일; 전창주; 김보라, et al
2010-04하이드로젤을 이용한 약물전달 기술송수창; 조정교; 전창주