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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Effect of water-gas shift reaction on simulated performance of a MCFC김미현; Hong-Kyu Park; 정귀영, et al
2015-07Effects of membrane characteristics on performances of pressure retarded osmosis power system홍성수; 류원선; 전명석, et al
1996-01Effects of the Composition of Nitrogen Gas and the Working Pressure On the Temperature Distributions and Unit Cell Performance of MCFC김태진; 안영주; 주재백, et al
2001-06Effects of the methane reforming reaction of the internal reforming MCFC박홍규; 김미현; 이예로, et al
1997-01Effects of the U-turn type gas flow on the cell performance of the molten carbonate정귀영; 이장욱; 김미현, et al
2000-04Effects of the water-gas shift reaction on the unit molten carbonate fuel cell박홍규; 김미현; 정귀영, et al
2002-01Effects of water-gas shift reaction on simulated performance of a molten carbonate fuel cell김미현; 박홍규; 정귀영, et al
2016-08Electrochemical NADH regeneration and electroenzymatic CO2 reduction on Cu nanorods/glassy carbon electrode prepared by cyclic deposition정광덕; 김승한; 정귀영, et al
1996-01Estimation of the cell performance and the temperature distribution of the U-turn type MCFC이장욱; 정귀영; 주재백, et al
1999-08Flux decline behavior during membrane filtration of model proteins장재동; 전명석; 김재진, et al
2000-11Long-range colloidal interaction effects on the particle diffusion and membrane filtration of colloidal suspensions전명석; 김재진; 정귀영
1995-08Numerical modeling of effects of operating variables of MCFC on the cell performance and comparisons with experimental data.홍성안; 정귀영; 안영주, et al
2014-02Numerical Studies on the Effects of the Channel-Inlet-Pressure Difference in the Pressure-Retarded Osmosis (PRO) Power System홍성수; 류원선; 전명석, et al
2014-10Numerical studies on the pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) system with the spiral wound module for power generation홍성수; 류원선; 전명석, et al
2001-08On the behavior of the electrostatic colloidal interaction in the membrane filtration of latex suspensions전명석; 정귀영; 김재진
1997-10Performance and temperature distributions of the circular molten carbonate unit fuel cell김미현; 정귀영; 남석우, et al
1994-01Prediction of Temperature Distributions from Mass and Energy Balances and Effects of Operating Parameters in Molten Carbonate Unit Fuel Cell안영주; 정귀영; 주재백, et al
2013-06Simulation of enhanced power generation by reverse electrodialysis stack module in serial configuration김광석; 류원선; 전명석, et al
2002-01Studies of the effects of the reformer in an internal-reforming molten carbonate fuel cell by mathematical modeling박홍규; 이예로; 김미현, et al
2004-10Studies on the initial behaviours of the molten carbonate fuel cell이예로; 김인구; 정귀영, et al
2001-10Studies on the method of numerical analysis of MCFC이예로; 정귀영; 임희천, et al
2005-03Studies on the modeling calculations of the unit molten carbonate fuel cell이예로; 유민정; 정귀영, et al
2000-08The influence of solution ionic strength on the permeate flux during dead-end membrane filtration of colloidal suspensions장재동; 전명석; 정귀영, et al
1999-02The performance and temperature distributions of the circular molten carbonate unit fuel cell김미현; 정귀영; 남석우, et al
2012-02Transport analysis in reverse electrodialysis with pulsatile flows for enhanced power generation김광석; 류원선; 전명석, et al
1997-01U-turn 형 가스 유로가 용융탄산염 단위 연료전지의 성능에 미치는 영향정귀영; 이장욱; 김미현, et al
1999-01콜로이드 현탁액의 dead-end 막여과에서의 투과플럭스 감소거동장재동; 전명석; 김재진, et al