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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01A Bendable Li-Ion Battery with a Nano-Hairy Electrode: Direct Integration Scheme on the Polymer Substrate정민석; 서종현; 문명운, et al
2007-01A facile synthesis of fluorinated alkoxytrimethylsilanes using 1-methylimidazole as an acid scavenger이보라; 김진형; 이현주, et al
2015-05Absorption and desorption of SO2in aqueous solutions ofdiamine-based molten salts임승록; 황준혁; 김창수, et al
2006-02An efficient catalytic system for the carbomethoxylation of ethylene oxide김훈식; 배진용; 이제성, et al
2009-02Arsenic Speciation and Risk Assesment of Hijiki (Hizikia fusiforme) by HPLC-ICP-MS류근영; 심성례; 황인민, et al
2013-05Carboxylate-Assisted Formation of Alkylcarbonate Species from CO2 and Tetramethylammonium Salts with a β-Amino Acid Anion홍성윤; 전영은; 신승훈, et al
2011-01Correlation between Hydrogen Bond Basicity and Acetylene Solubility in Room Temperature Ionic LiquidsJelliarko PalgunaJelliarko Palgunadi; Sung Yun Hong; Jin Kyu Lee, et al
2010-12Cu(I)-containing room temperature ionic liquids as selective and reversible absorbents for propyne김진형; Jelliarko Palgunadi; Deb Kumar Mukherjee, et al
2003-09Direct synthesis of phenol by benzene hydroxylation with Fe/ZSM-5 at low temperature(80 ℃)조성훈; 한성환; 정민석, et al
2008-04Effect of ester group on the performance of zwitterionic imidazolium compounds as membrane materials for separating alkene/alkane mixturesLee Je Seung; 고난희; 배현우, et al
2008-10Effect of ether group on the electrochemical stability of zwitterionic imidazolium compounds김희환; D.Q. Nguyen; 배현우, et al
2010-07Effects of Halide Anions to Absorb SO2 in Ionic Liquids이기용; 김창수; 김홍곤, et al
2011-05Ether-functionalized ionic liquids as highly efficient SO2 adsorbents윤홍성; 임진규; 젤리아코, et al
2008-05Extractive Desulfurization Using Fe-Containing Ionic Liquids고난희; 이재승; 허은수, et al
2012-10Fatigue-free, electrically reliable copper electrode with nanohole array김병준; 조이길; 정민석, et al
2008-04Fe-containing ionic liquids for deep desulfurization고난희; 허은수; 이현주, et al
2001-10Fe/MgO, NHPI 그리고 CH ₃ CHO 를 이용한 알킬방향족 화합물의 저온 촉매 산화반응조성훈; 정민석; 한성환
2009-10Fillers for Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes: Highlight정슬운; 김대원; 이상득, et al
2009-08Fluorine-free imidazolium-based ionic liquids with a phosphorous-containing anion as potential CO2 absorbentsJelliarko Palgunadi; 강재은; 정민석, et al
2010-05Highly efficient metal-free membranes for the separation of acetylene/olefin mixtures : Pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquids as acetylene transport carriers정스런; Jelliarko Palgunadi; 김진형, et al
2009-11Ionic liquid as extractant for the separation of aromatic compounds and aliphatic hydrocarbons김대현; 김진형; 이정민, et al
2009-10Ionic liquid as extractant for the seperation of aromatic compounds and aliphatic hydrocarbons김대현; 김진형; 정스런, et al
2009-01Ionic liquid-assisted hydroalkoxylation of hexafluoropropene with 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol: A mechanistic consideration강재은; 이제승; 김동섭, et al
2009-08Ionic liquid-based absorbents for the removal of alkynes from isoprene김진형; Jelliarko Palgunadi; 이현주, et al
2009-11Ionic liquid-based absorbents for the removal of alkynes from isoprene김진형; 이정민; 김대현, et al
2013-01Ionic-liquid-catalyzed decarboxylation of glycerol carbonate to glycidol최지식; 피델리스 허버트슨; 오지영, et al
2012-08Isolation and characterization of intermediate catalytic species in the Zn-catalyzed glycerolysis of urea박종호; 최지식; 우수경, et al
2004-05Low temperature activation of benzylic C-H bonds with heterogeneous Fe/MgO catalyst under atmospheric molecular oxygen조성훈; 정민석; 정광덕, et al
2006-02Mechanistic Investigation of the Isomerization of 5-Vinyl-2-norbornene김훈식; 이소영; 이현주, et al
2007-01Multi-functional zwitterionic compounds as additives for lithium battery electrolytes뉴엔딘콴; 황정민; 이제승, et al