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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01A new synthesis of a chiral ester containing phenylpyrimidine ring as liquid crystal dopant.박정호; 이용섭; 정선호, et al
1992-01A novel route to a key precursor in the synthesis of (+)-isocarbocyclin박호군; 이용섭; 정선호, et al
1997-01A practical procedure for the preparation of (1E,3E)-5-alkoxy-1-siloxy-1, 3-dienes정선호; 여문수; 김선옥, et al
1998-10An intramolecular diels-alder approach to ( ± )-stenine정선호; 이지은; 주현진, et al
2000-08Asymmetric synthesis of biologically useful 3,4-Disubstituted γ-lactone (3,4-Db)정찬성; 박영자; 이소하, et al
1998-01Cleavage of N-O bonds by samarium diiodide : a new entry to chemoselective methods for the conversion of isoxazolines to β-hydroxy ketones정선호; 이지은; 고훈영
2014-10Competition between Charge Transport and Energy Barrier in Injection-Limited Metal/Quantum Dot Nanocrystal Contacts김영준; 조승근; 정선호, et al
1998-10Construction of 400 small molecular library by solution phase combinatorial synthesis고훈영; 강경호; 이지은, et al
2000-03Construction of a solution phase combinatiorial library for dopamine receptor ligands강경호; 차미영; 최경일, et al
1999-01Construction of a solution phase combinatorial library in the lead generation for muscarine receptor ligands.강경호; 배애님; 조용서, et al
2000-04Development of combinatorial library of lsoxazol(in)es using reductive amination and evaluation of their biological activity김유경; 이지은; 강경호, et al
1999-01Development of solution phase combinatorial libraries using 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions.강경호; 배애님; 조용서, et al
2017-10Improvements in the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers via Continuous Photonic Flash Sintering구본철; 김승민; 남기호, et al
2003-12Pharmacological actions of a novel and selective dopamine D3 receptor antagonist, KCH-1110박우규; 정대영; 윤철원, et al
2001-07Solution-phase combinatorial synthesis of isoxazolines and isoxazoles using [2+3] cycloaddition reaction of nitrile oxides강경호; 배애님; 최경일, et al
1994-01studies on the site-selective N-acyliminium ion cyclization : synthesis of ( ± )-glochidine and ( ± )-glochidicine.이용섭; 김성환; 정선호, et al
1994-01Synthesis and antibacterial activities of new cephalosporins quaternized with hydroxylated-amine이용섭; 이재열; 정선호, et al
1994-01Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of new cephalosporins quaternized with hydroxylated-amines.이용섭; 박호군; 이재열, et al
1994-01Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of quaternary ammonium cephalosporins with hydroxylated alicyclic or aliphatic amines.이용섭; 이재열; 정선호, et al
1992-01Synthesis of new prostaglandin derivatives.함원훈; 임중기; 김형자, et al
2006-11Synthesis of Piperazinylalkylisoxazoline Analogues and Their Binding Affinities for Dopamine Receptor SubtypesJi Young Jung; 정지영; 정선호, et al
1993-01Synthesis of prostaglandins II. Convenient synthesis of misoprostol.박호군; 이용섭; 남기홍, et al
1994-01Synthesis of prostaglandins III: Efficient and practical synthesis of antisecretory prostaglandin enprostil.이용섭; 남기홍; 정선호, et al
1994-01Synthesis of prostaglandins IV. Efficient and practical synthesis of Luteolytic prostaglandin fenprostalene.이용섭; 남기홍; 정선호, et al
2000-02Synthetic studies on the stemona alkaloids: construction of BCD tricyclic ring skeleton of stenine based on an IMDA/Beckmann rearrangement strategy정선호; 이지은; 주현진, et al
2000-12-04도파민 D3 및 D4 수용체의 선택적 활성을 지닌 신규4,5-디히드로이소옥사졸릴알킬피페라진 유도체와, 이의제조방법고훈영; 공재양; 배애님, et al
1999-09-28이소옥사졸 피페라진 계열의 화합물의 제조방법 및 그것에 의해 제조된 라이브러리강경호; 고훈영; 공재양, et al