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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-10Blue and infrared cathodoluminescence induced by carbon-irradiation in SrTiO3 single crystal노재훈; 정성훈; 신상원, et al
2001-09Characteristics of cobalt substituted lithium manganese oxide thin film for microbattery문희수; 유경창; 김태정, et al
2021-04Characterization and FEA evaluation of a ZrB2?SiC ceramic containing TaC for beam?column joint application차주환; Behzad Mohammadzadeh; 정성훈, et al
1999-01Comparative analysis of the minimum capacity of an ice-on-coil thermal storage system for various operation strategies이대영; 정성훈; 강병하
2000-01Control strategy for economic operation of an ice-storage system considering cooling load variation정성훈; 이대영; 강병하, et al
2006-11Enhancement of Dimethylether Yield by Reverse Shift Reaction in the Direct Dimethylether Synthesis정광덕; 정성훈; Palgunadi Jelliarko, et al
1999-01Experimental study on the performance improvement of a screw-compressor-type chiller이대영; 정성훈; 강병하, et al
2010-11Micro-rheological properties in electroosmotic flows of single polyelectrolyte chain정성훈; 전명석; 김종엽
2006-08Performance of CAMERE (CAtalytic MEthanol synthesis via REverse water gas shift reaction) pilot plant주오심; 정성훈; 서창원, et al
2011-10Single Molecule Tracking of a Semiflexible Polyelectrolyte Chain in Solvent Under Uniform Electroosmotic Flows정성훈; 전명석; 김종엽
2014-05The effect of five-membered heterocyclic bridges and ethoxyphenyl substitution on the performance of phenoxazine-based dye-sensitized solar cells이우성; 최준; 남궁진웅, et al
1997-01건물공조용 빙축열 냉방시스템의 최적 운전기법이대영; 정성훈; 강병하
1997-01냉방부하 변동을 고려한 빙축열 냉방시스템의 최적운전제어정성훈; 이대영; 강병하, et al
-(Undefined)롬바드, 앤서니; 롱, 우준; 뤼브라드 오케, et al