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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-02A spectroscopic ellipsometry study on the variation of the optical constants of tin-doped indium oxide thin films during crystallization정연식
2005-10A stationary plasma thruster for modification of polymer and ceramic surfaces박종용; 정연식; Yu.A. Ermakov, et al
2006-06Chemical reaction of sputtered Cu film with PI modified by low energy reactive atomic beam박종용; 정연식; 조정, et al
2021-07Conformation-modulated three-dimensional electrocatalysts for high-performance fuel cell electrodes채근화; 김진영; 김종민, et al
2021-01Controlling hot electron flux and catalytic selectivity with nanoscale metal-oxide interfaces김종민; 이시우; 박웅현, et al
2006-09Dependences of the surface and the optical properties on the O2/O2+Ar flow-rate ratios for ZnO thin films grwon on ZnO buffer layers노영수; 김태환; 정연식, et al
2003-12Development of indium tin oxide film texture during DC magnetron sputtering deposition.정연식; 이성수
2003-09Effects of thermal treatment on the electrical and optical properties of silver-based indium tin oxide/metal/indium tin oxide structures.정연식; 최용원; 이호철, et al
2006-04Electron transport in high quality undoped ZnO film grwon by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy정연식; Oleg Kononenko; 최원국
2006-12Enhancement of the surface and structural properties of ZnO epitaxial films grown on Al2O3 substrates utilizing annealed ZnO buffer layersYoung Soo No; Oleg Kononenko; 정연식, et al
2014-11Extremely High Yield Conversion from Low­-Cost Sand to High­-Capacity Si Electrodes for Li­Ion Batteries홍지현; 유정근; 김종순, et al
2005-07Fabrication of Nanostructures on InP(100) surface with irradiation of low energy and high flux ion beams박종용; 최형욱; Yury Ermakov, et al
2006-04Ferromagnetism in 200-MeV Ag+15-ion-irradiated Co-Implanted ZnO thin filmsBababaraj Angadi; 정연식; 최원국, et al
2005-01Growth and properties of ZnO nanoblade and nanoflower prepared by ultrasonic pyrolysisHyo-Won Suh; 김길영; 정연식, et al
2005-05Growth of ZnO Film by an Ultrasonic Pyrolysis김길영; 정연식; 변동진, et al
2020-10Highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction via facile bubble transport realized by three-dimensionally stack-printed catalysts채근화; 김진영; 박현서, et al
2004-01Influence of dc magnetron sputtering parameters on surface morphology of indium tin oxide thin films정연식; 이동욱; 전덕영
2003-11Influence of DC magnetron sputtering parameters on the properties of amorphous indium zinc oxide thin film.정연식; 서지윤; 이동욱, et al
2017-01Interfacial Band-Edge Engineered TiO2 Protection Layer on Cu2O Photocathodes for Efficient Water Reduction Reaction장호성; 최재석; 송준태, et al
2017-05Interfacial Energy-Controlled Top Coats for Gyroid/Cylinder Phase Transitions of Polystyrene-block-polydimethylsiloxane Block Copolymer Thin Films손정곤; 류인휴; 김용주, et al
2006-01Luminescence of bound excitons in epitaxial ZnO thin films grwon by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy정연식; 최원국; OV Kononeneko, et al
2009-10Negative thermal quenching in undoped ZnO and Ga-doped ZnO film grown on c-Al2O3 (0001) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy최원국; 박흥천; Basavaraj Angadi, et al
2007-10Photoluminescence of Ga-doped ZnO film grown on c-Al2O3 (0001) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy박흥천; 변동진; B. Angadi, et al
2005-07PLD를 이용한 hertero-epitaxial As-doped ZnO 박막증착 조건의 최적화이홍찬; 정연식; 최원국, et al
2004-11Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on the optical constants of indium tin oxide films deposited under various sputtering conditions정연식
2004-01Study on texture evolution and properties of silver thin films prepared by sputtering deposition정연식
2004-07Sulfuric acid treatment of sapphire substrates for growth of high-quality epilayers최지원; 노영수; 정연식, et al
2005-07Superhydrophilic Surface Modificationof Polyvinylidene Fluoride by Low Energy and High Flux Ion Beam Irradiation박종용; 정연식; 최원국
2019-12Suppressing Interfacial Dipoles to Minimize Open-Circuit Voltage Loss in Quantum Dot Photovoltaics김진영; 김동훈; 임훈희, et al
2002-06Surface structure and field emission property of carbon nanotubes grown by radio-frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition정연식; 전덕영