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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987-01Engine coolants and silicones.정일남; 정영근
1999-02Linkage isomerism dependent on solvent and temperature. Synthesis and structural properties of diamineplatinum(II) complexes of allyl- and diallylmalonate ligands이영아; 정영근; 손연수
1990-01Preparation and reactivity of (phenylsilatrane)manganese tricarbonyl perchlorate이영아; 정영근; 김유승, et al
1989-01Synthesis and antibacterial activities of triphenyltin cephalosporins.박상우; 정영근; 김유승
1997-12Synthesis and antitumor activity of (diamine)platinum(II) compleses of benzylmalonate derivatives손연수; 이영아; 정영근
1991-01Synthesis and reactivity of (phenylsilatrane)manganese tricarbonyl perchlorate: molecular structure of [{ η **5-1-N(CH//2CH//2O)//3Si-6-PhC//6H//5}Mn(CO)//3]이영아; 정영근; 김유승, et al
1998-01Synthesis and structural properties of (diamine)platnium(II) complexes of itaconic acid이영아; 정영근; 김관묵, et al
1986-01Synthesis of (exo-and endo-dialkylphosphonate- η **5-cyclohexadienyl)mangenese tricarbonyl compounds.정일남; 배혜경; 정영근
1990-01Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of a chromium tricarbonyl complex of phenylsilatrane: molecular structure of [C//6H//5Si(OCH//2CH//2)//3N]Cr(CO)//3.정일남; 정택모; 이영아, et al
1999-11Synthesis, structures, and linkage isomerism of (allylbenzylmalonate)platinum(II) complexes이영아; 정영근; 손연수
1987-01Ziegler-Natta catalysts and silicon compounds.정일남; 정영근