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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04CaV2.3 Channels Are Critical for Oscillatory Burst Discharges in the Reticular Thalamus and Absence Epilepsy타리끄자만; 이규빈; 박청담, et al
2007-11Concomitant control of T-type and L-type Ca2+ channels in thalamocortical neurons by the mGluR1-PLCβ4 cascade sets the thalamic sensory gating정은지; 이석찬; 최지원, et al
2009-12Deletion of phospholipase C β4 in thalamocortical relay nucleus leads to absence seizures정은지; Yihong Zheng; 이규빈, et al
2007-11Does thalamic sensory gating work in the somatosensory barrel system?정수영; 윤정림; 정은지, et al
2015-10Identification of disulfide cross-linked tau dimer responsible for tau propagation Scientific김도희; 임성수; 마무눌 하크, et al
2015-02In-vivo and Label-free Imaging of Cellular and Tissue Structures in Mouse Ear Skin by Using Second- and Third-harmonic Generation Microscopy이응장; 김보람; 안홍규, et al
2015-05Neuroanatomical Visualization of the Impaired Striatal Connectivity in Huntington's Disease Mouse Model김도희; 전제하; 정은지, et al
2014-08Rebound burst firing in the reticular thalamus is not essential for pharmacological absence seizures in mice이승은; 이재광; Charles Latchoumane, et al
2005-11Role of ryanodine receptors in thalamocortical cells in the relay of pain signals정은지; 이창준; 신희섭
2005-10Role of ryanodine receptors in thalamocortical cells in the relay of pain signals정은지; 이석찬; 최지원, et al
2016-02Screening, Synthesis, and In Vitro Evaluation of Vinyl Sulfones as Inhibitors of Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity in Neuromyelitis Optica강용구; 배애님; 박기덕, et al
2006-10Sniffer-Patch quantification of Ca2+-dependent release of glutamate at submicromolar concentration from the mouse cortical astrocytes우동호; Hongji Yuan; A. Kristensen, et al
2008-02T-type Ca2+ channels as therapeutic targets in the nervous system신희섭; 정은지; 최순욱, et al
2011-01Thalamic ryanodine receptors are involved in controlling the tonic firing of thalamocortical neurons and inflammatory pain signal processing정은지; 김찬기; 최지원, et al
2006-09The molecular switch of thalamic sensory gating정은지; 이석찬; 최지원, et al
2008-12Tuning Thalamic Firing Modes Via Simultaneous Modulation of T- and L-Type Ca2+ Channels Controls Pain Sensory Gating in the Thalamus정은지; 이석찬; 최지원, et al
2010-05-13라이아노딘 수용체의 활성을 항진시키는 통증 완화 물질 및 그의 스크리닝 방법김찬기; 선민정; 신희섭, et al
2010-04-02압상스 간질 치료제 효과 검증 동물모델로서 PLCβ4 유전자 결손 마우스김성욱; 김연수; 사나티 마리암, et al
2010-04-02PKC 작용 활성제를 유효성분으로 함유하는 압상스 간질의 예방 및 치료용 조성물김성욱; 김연수; 사나티 마리암, et al