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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11An automated spin-assisted approach for molecular layer-by-layer assembly of crosslinked polymer thin filmsChan, Edwin P.; 이정현; 정준영, et al
2020-02Chemically resistant and thermally stable quantum dots prepared by shell encapsulation with cross-linkable block copolymer ligands윤숙영; 이도창; 박성남, et al
2015-02Continuous Supercritical Decrosslinking Extrusion Process for Recycling of Crosslinked Polyethylene Waste백범기; 신지욱; 정준영, et al
2013-04Correlating chlorine-induced changes in mechanical properties to performance in polyamide-based thin film composite membranes이정현; 정준영; Chan, Edwin, et al
2012-01Effect of Confinement on Stiffness and Fracture of Thin Amorphous Polymer Films이정현; 정준영; Christopher M. Stafford
2017-07Elaborate manipulation for Sub-10 nm hollow catalyst sensitized heterogeneous oxide nanofibers for room temperature chemical sensors장지수; 최선진; 구원태, et al
1999-10Extraction of Perillyl Alcohol from Orange Peel by Supercritical Fluid (Ⅱ)이종호; 정준영; 노경호, et al
2000-04Extraction of perillyl alcohol from orange peel by supercritical fluid (Ⅲ) pretreatment conditions이종호; 정준영; 강덕희, et al
2013-09Molecular Layer-by-Layer Assembled Thin-Film Composite Membranes for Water Desalination구정은; 이승혜; Christopher Stafford, et al
2017-03Nanoscale PdO Catalyst Functionalized Co3O4 Hollow Nanocages Using MOF Templates for Selective Detection of Acetone Molecules in Exhaled Breath장지수; 구원태; 유선문, et al
2021-04Organism epidermis/plant-root inspired ultra-stable supercapacitor for large-scale wearable energy storage applications장지수; 윤태광; 정준영, et al
2016-11Photoinduced reversible phase transition of azobenzene-containing polydiacetylene crystals정혜선; 백우현; 허정무, et al
2015-07PI3K/AKT activation induces PTEN ubiquitination and destabilization accelerating tumourigenesis이민식; 정만형; 이현우, et al
1999-08Purification of perillyl alcohol in Korean orange peel by supercritical fluid extraction이윤우; 김재덕; 이윤용, et al
2000-06Separation of perillyl alcohol in Korean orange peel by sfe and RP-HPLC이종호; 정준영; 이윤우, et al
2011-08Stiffness, Strength, and Ductility of Nanoscale Thin Films and Membranes: A Combined Wrinkling-Cracking Methodology정준영; 이정현; Kathryn L. Beers, et al
2013-03Swelling of ultrathin crosslinked polyamide water desalination membranesEdwin Chan; Allison Young; 이정현, et al
1994-11The absolute position recognition using the map in space for navigation of a mobile robot.정준영; 김용일; 김지현, et al
2009-03Toxicogenomic Analysis of Butanol-Producing Bacteria Exposed to Lignocellulosic HydrolysatesRobert James Mitchell; 정준영; 오민규, et al
2011-11-30생체적합성 용매의 용해도가 향상된 녹인 강황 추출물 및 커큐민권학철; 김지연; 박주영, et al