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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A scaled down laboratory experiment of cross-borehole pulse radar signatures for detection of a terminated tunnel김세윤; 조재형; 정지현, et al
2016-01Accuracy enhancement of wideband complex permittivity measured by an open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 조재형; 김세윤
2013-11Analysis of Cross-Borehole Pulse Radar Signatures on a Half Water-Filled Tunnel정지현; 김세윤
2018-02Analysis of Cross-Borehole Pulse Radar Signatures on a Terminated Tunnel With Various Penetration Lengths김세윤; 조재형; 정지현
2017-11Analysis of sleeve dipole antennas fed by ferrite-loaded coaxial cables for a scaled-down cross-borehole radar김세윤; 정지현; 조재형
2010-09Analysis on Electromagnetic Propagation Characteristics from the Intestine-Ingested Source in the Human Body Model정지현; 김세윤
2012-06Comparison of the Measured Electrical Properties of Pig Internal Organs with the Given Values for Human Organs정지현; 김세윤
2006-06Complex permittivity of borehole core measured by open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 김상욱; 김세윤
2005-08Complex permittivity of thin PCB substrate measured by open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 김세윤
2005-02Conversion of permittivity of PCB substrate using moment method정지현; 조유선; 김세윤
2014-12Effects of Different Rocks Surrounding Monostatic Pulse Radar in a Borehole on the Length of PMC Coating along the Connection Cable정지현; 김세윤
2010-05Electromagnetic propagation from the intestine-ingested source in the human body model정지현; 김상욱; 김영식, et al
2014-12Enhancement of Cross-Borehole Pulse Radar Signature on a Partially Water-Filled Tunnel정지현; 김세윤
2015-01Estimation of water level collected in an empty tunnel using cross-borehole pulse radar정지현; 김세윤
2009-05FDTD analysis of electromagnetic radiation from ingested antenna in the intestine of the human body정지현; 김세윤
2016-01Hair sterol signatures coupled to multivariate data analysis reveal an increased 7b-hydroxycholesterol production in cognitive impairment손현화; 이도엽; 서홍석, et al
2006-08Measured complex permittivity of borehole cores using open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 김세윤
2007-10Measured dielectric properties of borehole cores using an open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 김세윤
2005-07Measurement of complex permittivity of pig's digestive tract using open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 김상욱; 김세윤
2004-11Measurement of complex permittivity of thin PCB substrate using open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 조유선; 김세윤
2005-01Open-ended coaxial probe with protruding inner conductor정지현; 조유선; 김세윤
2013-06Suppression of Borehole-Guided Waves Supported by the Connection Cable of a Single-Borehole Monostatic Pulse Radar조재형; 정지현; 김상욱, et al
2016-08Suppression of multi-path coupling in scaled-down experiment using cross-borehole pulse radar김세윤; 조재형; 정지현, et al
2017-06Suppression of multi-path couplings in scaled-down experiment for cross-borehole pulse radar김세윤; 조재형; 정지현, et al
2006-01The effect of finite flange of open-ended coaxial probe on the converted complex permittivity of PCB substrate정지현; 김영식; 김세윤
2011-03The effect of location of an ingested source in a human body model on electromagnetic propagation정지현; 김세윤
2011-10The Effects of an Ingested Source’s Movement in a Human Body Model on the Electromagnetic Propagation정지현; 김세윤
2008-07-30개방단말 동축선 프로브를 이용한 매질의 전기적 특성 측정장치김세윤; 이정학; 정지현
2011-10-07전자파를 이용한 폐암 진단 장치 및 방법김세윤; 정지현
2012-04-19종양의 위치를 결정할 수 있는 전자파를 이용한 폐 검사 장치 및 방법김세윤; 정지현