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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10Conformational dynamic behavior of single polyelectrolyte chains confined in micro and nanochannels윤규; 정현욱; 전명석
2010-10Conformational dynamics of a single chain of submicron-sized polyelectrolyte in simple flow fields이정용; 전명석; 정현욱, et al
2012-11Conformational Dynamics of Sub-Micron Sized Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Polymer in Flow Fields이정용; 전명석; 정현욱, et al
2013-12Debye Screening Effect on Scaling Behavior of Longest Relaxation Time of Biological Polyelectrolyte Chain이정용; 성정문; 윤규, et al
2016-02Determination of draw resonance onsets in tension-controlled viscoelastic spinning process using transient frequency response method권일영; 전명석; 정현욱, et al
2010-08Dynamics of a Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Chain in Simple Flows by Brownian Dynamics Simulation and Single Molecule Tracking이정용; 전명석; 정현욱
2009-09Dynamics of Single Polymer Molecule in Slot Coating Flow이정용; 이주성; 전명석, et al
2015-06Electrokinetic Dean Flow in the Curved Microchannel Under Dissimilar Surface Conditions전명석; 윤규; 정현욱
2008-08Electrokinetic Microflows in Curved Rectangular Channel under Newtonian Slip Boundary Conditions윤장호; 전명석; 정현욱
2007-03Facilitated Transport Membrane for Ethylene/Ethane and Propylene/Propane Separation김지연; 이현주; 김훈식, et al
2006-04Facilitated transport membranes containing zwitterionic silver complex for separation of olefin/paraffin김지연; 최대기; 안의섭, et al
2011-01Lateral Displacement and Conformation of DNA Chains in Abrupt 90 ˚ Microbends이정용; 정현욱; 현재천, et al
2010-08Microstructure and dynamics of a single chain of wormlike polyelectrolyte soft-matter in simple flow fields: simulation and particle tracking이정용; 전명석; 정현욱
2009-10Microstucture and dynamics of a coarse-grained wormlike polyelectrolyte chain in simple flows by Brownian dynamics simulation이정용; 전명석; 정현욱
2010-08Migration and Conformation of Single Polymer Chain in Microbends이정용; 정현욱; 현재천, et al
2014-10Production of brown algae pyrolysis oils for liquid biofuels depending on the chemical pretreatment methods최준혁; 최재욱; 서동진, et al
2010-06Properties and Characterization of a Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Chain under Simple Flows이정용; 전명석; 정현욱
2014-07Secondary-Flow Behavior of Electrolytic non-Newtonian Fluids in a Curved Microchannel under Dissimilar Surface Conditions전명석; 전영민; 윤규, et al
2014-10Secondary-flow behavior of non-Newtonian fluids with Carreau-Yasuda model in curved rectangular microchannels윤규; 정현욱; 전명석
2005-11Separation of isoprene from C5 mixtures using facilitated transport membranes김지연; 최현우; 안의섭, et al
2006-08Separation of Isoprene/n-Pentane Mixture using Facilitated Transport Membranes김지연; 이현주; 최대기, et al
2012-10Single chain dynamics of submicron sized semiflexible and flexible biological polyelectrolytes in flow fields이정용; 전명석; 정현욱
2011-09Single chain dynamics of wormlike polyelectrolyte in flow fields by mesoscale simulations and single molecule imaging전명석; 이정용; 정현욱
2010-05The geometry effect on steady electrokinetic flows in curved rectangular microchannels윤장호; 전명석; 정현욱