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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01Ancillary ligand dependent shifts in charge distribution for cobalt-quinone complexes손연수; 정옥상; 조두환, et al
1997-01Bistability and molecular switching for semiquinone and catechol complexes of cobalt, studies on redox isomerism for the bis(pyridine) ether series Co(py//2X)(3,6-DBQ)//2, X=O, S, Se, and Te정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1996-08Charge distribution dependent on the chelating ratio. [Co(μ-bpym)(dbbq)2] vs. [{Co(dbbq)}2(μ-bpym)](bpym=2,2'-bipyrimidine정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1998-11Chelate-ring-dependent shifts in redox isomerism for the Co(Me//2N(CH//2)//nNMe//2)(3,6-DBQ)//2 (n = 1-3) series, where 3,6-DBQ is the semiquinonate or catecholate ligand derived from 3,6-di-tert-buty정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1995-01Molecular switching coordination polymers, 4,4'-chalcogenobispyridine bridged cobalt benzoquinone complexes.손연수; 정옥상; 조두환, et al
1997-06Temperature-dependent redox isomerism via intramolecular electron transfer, synthesis and properties of Co(dmppz)//2(3,6-dbq)//2 (dmppz=1,4-dimethylpiperazine정옥상; 조두환; 박성호, et al