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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-03A study on characteristic of a modern structured packing.조성용; 이윤용; 김승재
1990-06A study on improvement of sieve tray performance with meshed chamber.조성용; 최대기; 이윤용
1996-08A study on the hydraulic characteristics of a sieve tray column for the reactive distillation.조성용; 이윤용; 김승재
1990-10A study on the hydraulic characteristics of a structural packing.조성용; 노경호; 최대기, et al
1998-12A study on the mass transfer in semi-fluidized and fluidized ion-exchange beds조성용; 박영건
1997-12A study on the standardization of soil remediation planning and processing조성용; 황경엽
1997-01Adsorption and thermal regeneration of methylene chloride vapor on an activated carbon bed황계순; 최대기; 공성영, et al
1997-01Adsorption characteristics of aromatic VOCs on activated carbon윤정호; 조성용; 황경엽, et al
1996-10Adsorption energy distributions of methylene chloride on two activated carbons.조성용; 최대기; 윤정호
1994-01Adsorption equilibria of CFC-113 on two absorbents.조성용; 이윤용; 천해수
1998-08Adsorption equilibria of chloropentafluoroethane and pentafluoroethane on activated carbon pellet문동주; 정문조; 조성용, et al
1996-01Adsorption equilibria of two halogenated carbons on a carbon fiber.조성용; 김승재
1995-08Adsorption of 1,1,1-TCE on two different-type adsorbents.조성용; 최대기; 이윤용, et al
1995-12Adsorption of 1,1,1-trichloroethane on two different-type adsorbents.조성용
1998-11Adsorption of heavy metals from aqueous solution onto wasted shell이희정; 조성용; 하경애, et al
2001-12An experimental study on the light transmission characteristics with oil contamination조성용; 장철주; 공호성, et al
2003-10An experimental study on the measurement of soot contamination in a diesel engine oil조성용; 공호성; 윤의성, et al
1998-11Characteristics of wasted shell as an adsorbent최민정; 양종만; 조성용, et al
1992-05Circulation of fluid and particles in a bubble column with draft tube.조성용; 김승재; 이명진, et al
1998-09Efforts on solving the problem of paraffin deposit (I) :조성용; H. Scott Fogler
1995-01Equilibria of 1,1,2-trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane on activated carbons.조성용; 이윤용
1996-01Equilibria of trichloromonofluoromethane on a carbon pellet.조성용; 이태진; 김승재
2011-10Fabrication of ultra-high-density nanodot array patterns (~3 Tbits/in.2) using electron-beam lithography이민현; 김현미; 조성용, et al
1991-01Fluid and particle flow characteristics in a draft tube spouted bed with modified fluid outlet.조성용; 김승재
1998-10Heat of adsorption: practical usesi n prediction of adsorption equilibria윤정호; 김성현; 조성용, et al
1989-10Hydraulic characteristics of a sieve tray.조성용; 최대기; 이윤용
1989-10Improving sieve tray performance with meshed chamber.조성용; 차운오; 최대기, et al
1998-09Indentification of soil remedial goal due to arsenic in soil near abandoned mine : approach to regarding future land use이효민; 윤은경; 최시내, et al
1998-04Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria for the binary systems of chlorine with difluoromethane, chlorodifluoromethane, and dichlorodifluoromethane at 10 ℃강윤환; 조성용; 나인욱
1996-01Lanmuir parameters for adsorption of two halogenated chemicals on an activated carbon pellet.조성용; 최대기