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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03Critical switching current and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layers이태영; 안치의; 민병철, et al
2011-04Current-induced magnetization switching in MgO magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layers이태영; 안치의; 민병철, et al
2012-07Effect of spin relaxation rate on the interfacial spin depolarization in ferromagnet/oxide/semiconductor contacts전건록; 민병철; 박윤호, et al
2011-06Electrical spin accumulation with improved bias voltage dependence in a crystalline CoFe/MgO/Si system전건록; 민병철; 신일재, et al
2011-10Electrical spin injection and accumulation in CoFe/MgO/Ge contacts at room temperature전건록; 민병철; 조영훈, et al
2012-04Electrospun ionic polymer nanofiber for waterfiltration membranes정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2009-06Fabrication of current induced magnetization switching devices using MgO magnetic tunnel junctions정구열; 안치의; 민병철, et al
2007-11Ferromagnetic Zn1-xMnxO(x=0.05,0.1 and 0.2) Nanowires강영주; 김대성; 이상현, et al
2014-08Fouling-Tolerant Nanofibrous Polymer Membranes for Water Treatment이장우; 정지영; 조영훈, et al
2012-10Fouling-tolerant polymeric nanofibrous membranes for water treatment정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2011-04High Flux Electrospun Nafion/PVDF Filtration정지영; 조영훈; 김윤관, et al
2007-12L자 모양의 Py-wire에서의 domain wall motion윤정범; 박승영; 조영훈, et al
2010-07MgO-based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with CoFeB/Ru/Co Synthetic Free Layers안치의; 민병철; 신일재, et al
2011-11Nanobier Mat Membranes through Electrospinning정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2011-05Nanofiber mat membrane throung an electrospinning정지영; 조영훈; 이장우, et al
2013-04Preparation of High Durable Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane for Oil/water Separation박상희; 조영훈; 알버트 이성수, et al
2020-08Real-time effect of electron beam on MoS2 field-effect transistors안재평; 김양희; 이국진, et al
2008-06Reversable magnetizations for crystal magnetic anisotropy on (Ga,Mn)As서주영; 장준연; 한석희, et al
2009-03Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs (x ≤ 0.05) nanowires: Dependence of electronic structures and magnetic properties on Mn content김한성; 조영태; 공강준, et al
2011-10Temperature and bias dependence of Hanle effect in CoFe/MgO/composite Ge전건록; 민병철; 박윤호, et al
2012-02Unconventional Hanle effect in a highly ordered CoFe/MgO/n-Si contact: non-monotonic bias and temperature dependence and sign inversion of the spin signal전건록; 민병철; 신일재, et al
2012-02-15금속-유기 구조체를 포함하는 수처리용 분리막 및 이의 제조방법구종민; 박상희; 박호범, et al
2012-03-08수처리용 분리막 및 그 제조 방법구종민; 박상희; 박호범, et al
2012-04-05실리콘 고분자 비대칭 복합막 및 이의 제조방법구종민; 김성혜; 박상희, et al