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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07Adriamycin conjugated glycol-chitosan nanoaggregates for tumor targeting drug delivery system using EPR effect손연주; 조용우; 정혜선, et al
2001-06Amphiphilic polyurethane coat on urinary catheter: characterization, bacterial adhesion, and release behavior of norfloxacin박재형; 조용우; 권익찬, et al
2001-02Antibiotics-releasing urethral catheter to prevent urinary tract infection조용우; 김상희; 이규백, et al
2002-06Assessment of PEO/PTMO multiblock copolymer/segmented polyurethane blends as coating materials for urinary catheters: in vitro bacterial adhesion and encrustation behavior박재형; 조용우; 권익찬, et al
2003-09Biodistribution and anti-tumor efficacy of doxorubicin loaded glycol-chitosan손연주; 장진성; 조용우, et al
2001-09Biodistribution of chitosan self-aggregates in tumor-bearing rats손연주; 조용우; 도경민, et al
2014-04Cell Labeling and Tracking Method without Distorted Signals by Phagocytosis of Macrophages강선웅; 이상민; 나진희, et al
2010-05Cyclotriphosphazene-Pt-DACH Conjugates with Dipeptide Spacers for Drug Delivery Systems조용우; 최민영; 이경해, et al
2006-02Effect of Inorganic and Organic Salts on the Thermogelling Behaviors of Poly(organophosphazenes)조용우; 안성원; 송수창
2003-09Gentamicin-releasing urethral catheter for short-term catheterization조용우; 박재형; 김상희, et al
2009-11Hydrotropic oligomer-conjugated glycol chitosan as a carrier of paclitaxel: synthesis, characterization, and in vivo biodistributionG. Saravanakumar; 민경현; 민동식, et al
2005-06In vivo Tumor Targeting and Nuclear Imaging with Self-assembled Nanoparticles: mechanisms and key factors involved and their implications조용우; 박수안; 안철희, et al
2007-02In vivo tumor targeting and radionuclide imaging with self-assembled nanoparticles: mechanisms, key factors, and their implications조용우; 박수아; 한대희, et al
2014-09Molecular imaging in the aid of drug delivery technology조용우; 김광명; 박기남, et al
2003-09Norfloxacin-releasing urethral catheter for long-term catheterization박재형; 조용우; 조용현, et al
2005-11Novel Thermosensitive 5-Fluorouracil- Cyclotriphosphazene Conjugates: Synthesis, Thermosensitivity, Degradability and In vitro Antitumor Activity조용우; 이정렬; 송수창
2003-09Porous chitosan scaffold containing microspheres loaded with transforming growth김성은; 박재형; 조용우, et al
2006-04Preparation and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticles based on glycol chitosan bearing adriamycin박재형; 조용우; 손연주, et al
1998-01Preparation and characterization of syndiotacticity-rich ultra-high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol)/imogolite blend film최진현; 조용우; 하완식, et al
2016-03ROS-generating TiO2 nanoparticles for non-invasive sonodynamic therapy of cancer권익찬; 김광명; 장혜윤, et al
2006-07Self-aggregates based on glycol chitosan for tumor therapy and imaging권익찬; 김종호; 김성원, et al
2006-02Size control of self-assembled nanoparticles by an emulsion/solvent evaporation method이민수; 조용우; 박재형, et al
2004-02Supramolecular Hydrogel Formation Based on Inclusion Complexation Between Poly(ethylene glycol)-Modified Chitosan and α-Cyclodextrin허강무; 조용우; 정혜선, et al
2003-06Synthesis and characterization of sugar-bearing chitosan derivatives: aqueous solubility and biodegradability박재형; 조용우; 정혜선, et al
2001-08Synthesis of adriamycin-conjugated glycol chitosan and in situ self-association손연주; 조용우; 이상천, et al
2001-06Three-dimensional porous collagen/chitosan complex sponge for tissue engineering김성은; 조용우; 강은정, et al
2001-06Three-dimensional porous collagen/chitosan complex sponge for tissue engineering김성은; 조용우; 강은정, et al
2001-08-18자기집합체를 형성하는 항암제-키토산 복합체 및 그의제조방법권익찬; 김인산; 박종래, et al
2005-04키토산과 알지네이트의 복합체로 된 단백질 약물 전달체의 제조남윤식; 김성원; 조용우, et al