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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-07A Single Component Photoimaging System with Styrene Copolymers Having t-BOC-Protected Quinizarin Dye Precursors and Photoacid Generating Groups in a Single Polymer Chain유지흠; 김상율; 조의환, et al
1998-04Alicyclic polymers based on t-BOC-dinorbonene as resists materials이재형; 강종희; 김종만, et al
1976-01Graft copolymerization to proteins (I). Cerium (IV) ion-initiated graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers to silk fibroins.안광덕; 조의환
1976-01Graft copolymerization to proteins (III). Mechanism of cerium (IV) ion-initiated graft copolymerization.안광덕; 조의환
2002-02Microstructure analysis and thermal properties of copolymers made of glycolide and ε-caprolactone by stannous octoate백지원; 김수현; 조의환, et al
1998-01New alicyclic polymers based on protected dinorbornene monomers for application as deep UV resists안광덕; 강종희; 이찬우, et al
2000-04Norbonene-derived polymers having t-Boc-protected quinizarin precursors for color and fluorescence imaging이재형; 조의환; 한동근, et al
2000-06Norbornene-derived quinizarin dye molecules for photoimaging in polymer films based on chemical amplification안광덕; 이재형; 조의환, et al
2001-10Norbornene-derived quinizarin dye molecules for photoimaging in polymer films based on chemical amplification이재형; 조의환; 안광덕, et al
2001-02Novel multi-alicyclic polymers for enhancing plasma etch resistance in 193 nm lithography이재형; 안광덕; 조의환
1977-01Polymeric drugs : pharmacologically active polymers.안광덕; 조의환
1975-01Polymeric reagents : synthetic applications of insolubilized polymer supports.안광덕; 조의환
1978-01Polyphosphazenes : new versatile semiinorganic polymers.안광덕; 조의환
1985-01R.B. merrifield and solid-state peptide synthesis.안광덕; 조의환
1973-01Syntheses, properties and applications of nylon 12.안광덕; 조의환
1997-01Synthesis and characteristics of thromboresistant copolymers having PEG/PEG-SO//3이희정; 박기동; 한동근, et al
1999-04Synthesis and polymerization of cyanato-substituted bifunctional maleimides이재형; 한동근; 김종만, et al
1999-01Synthesis and thermal curing of maleimide polymers with pendant cyanate groups.이재형; 조의환; 김준영, et al
2000-04Synthesis of t-boc-protected precursors for color and fluorescence imaging이재형; 조의환; 안광덕, et al
1999-01Sythesis of new class of processable electroluminescent poly(terephthalylidene) derivatives with ether and sulfide linkage김동진; 김성현; 진성호, et al
2003-01The first synthesis of a transition metal-catalyzed homopolymer having pendent t-Boc-protected quinizarin for patterned fluorescence imagesYoo Jimmy; 이재형; 조의환, et al
1999-01Toughening of syndiotactic polystyrene and poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-diphenylene oxide)blends(I): influence of mixing protocol and blend conditions최수현; 조의환; 김광웅
1998-10Transition-metal-catalyzed vinyl addition polymerization of norbornene derivatives with ester groups이재형; 이근주; 조의환, et al
1999-04안트라퀴논을 함유한 고분자 필름의 색 및 형광화상 연구김종만; 강종희; 장태은, et al