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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-076xxx Series Al Alloy Sheets with High Formability Produced by Twin-roll Strip Casting and Asymmetric Rolling김홍규; 조재형; 김형욱, et al
2010-01A Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System to Power a Humanoid Robot조한익; 하태정; 황상엽, et al
2016-08A scaled down laboratory experiment of cross-borehole pulse radar signatures for detection of a terminated tunnel김세윤; 조재형; 정지현, et al
2016-01Accuracy enhancement of wideband complex permittivity measured by an open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 조재형; 김세윤
2018-02Analysis of Cross-Borehole Pulse Radar Signatures on a Terminated Tunnel With Various Penetration Lengths김세윤; 조재형; 정지현
2017-11Analysis of sleeve dipole antennas fed by ferrite-loaded coaxial cables for a scaled-down cross-borehole radar김세윤; 정지현; 조재형
2007-10Characterization of GDLs at Cathode Side of DMFC using Dynamic Load Changes조재형; 안동준; 김수길, et al
2009-11Complex Capacitance Analysis of Ionic Resistance and Interfacial Capacitance in PEMFC and DMFC Catalyst Layers장종현; 전순열; 조재형, et al
2012-06Considerations of the Blind Region for Single-Borehole Bistatic and Monostatic Pulse Radars조재형; 김상욱; 육종관, et al
2008-10Considerations of the phase effect for a cross-borehole pulse radar receiver조재형; 김상욱; 육종관, et al
2009-12Design and performance analysis of UWB modules for borehole radar system조재형; 김상욱; 김세윤, et al
2007-12Design Factors of Membrane Electrode Assembly for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells조재형; 황상엽; 김수길, et al
2008-12Development and characteristics of a 400 W-class direct methanol fuel cell stack조한익; 황상엽; 조재형, et al
2007-10Development and Characterization of a 400 W-class Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack조한익; 황상엽; 조재형, et al
2008-10Development of a DMFC-Powered Humanoid Robot조한익; 하태정; 조재형, et al
2016-01Differential Speed Rolling of Twin-roll-cast 6xxx Al Alloy Strips and Its Influence on the Sheet Formability김홍규; 손성국; 조재형, et al
2007-10Fabrication and evaluation of MEAs for DMFC by low temperature transfer method조재형; 안동준; 김수길, et al
2008-10Fabrication and evaluation of membrane electrode assemblies by low temperature decal methods for direct methanol fuel cells조재형; 김장미; Joghee Prabhuram, et al
2009-02Fabrication and evaluation of membrane electrode assemblies by low-temperature decal methods for direct methanol fuel cells조재형; 김장미; Joghee Prabhuram, et al
2011-10GPR monitoring system for evaluation of asphalt pavement김상욱; 현승엽; 조재형, et al
2013-07High-formability Al alloy sheet produced by asymmetric rolling of strip-cast sheet김홍규; 김형욱; 조재형, et al
2013-11Low Power Monostatic Pulse Borehole Radar with an Active Circulator and an Absorptive Switch조재형; 육종관; 김세윤
2014-12Modified Hyperbolic Summation for Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging using FDTD simulation조재형; 김세윤
2003-05Recrystallization and grain growth of cold-drawn gold bonding wire조재형; J.-S. Cho; 문정태, et al
2013-06Suppression of Borehole-Guided Waves Supported by the Connection Cable of a Single-Borehole Monostatic Pulse Radar조재형; 정지현; 김상욱, et al
2016-08Suppression of multi-path coupling in scaled-down experiment using cross-borehole pulse radar김세윤; 조재형; 정지현, et al
2017-06Suppression of multi-path couplings in scaled-down experiment for cross-borehole pulse radar김세윤; 조재형; 정지현, et al
2011-10Switching characteristics of single-borehole monostatic radar system for adjacent tunnel detection조재형; 최종성; 김상욱, et al
2007-10The development of a pulse borehole radar system for underground cavity detection김상욱; 현승엽; 이정학, et al
2015-04Wideband symmetric near-field radiation pattern of sleeve dipole antenna by connecting ferrite-loaded additional wire조재형; 김세윤