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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10A K-Band Planar Active Integrated Bi-directional Switching Heat Applicator with Uniform Heating Profile김동기; 김기현; 오정민, et al
2018-11A low-invasive microcoil integrated neural probe for deep brain magnetic stimulation김진석; 박형달; 허여울, et al
2015-05Alterations of Hippocampal Place Cells in Foraging Rats Facing a "Predatory" Threat김은주; 박미정; 공미선, et al
2013-05Amphetamine's dose-dependent effects on dorsolateral striatum sensorimotor neuron firingSisi Ma; Anthony P. Pawlak; 조제원, et al
2012-08Amygdalar Stimulation Produces Alterations on Firing Properties of Hippocampal Place CellsEun Joo Kim; Earnest S. Kim; 박미정, et al
2010-07Amyloidogenesis targeting small molecule as a drug candidate김영수; 변성림; 김혜연, et al
2008-03An optimum design methodology for planar-type coaxial probes applicable to broad temperature permittivity measurements김남곤; 윤정훈; 조성준, et al
2012-02Bidirectional modulation of fear extinction by mediodorsal thalamic firing in mice이석찬; Touqeer Ahmed; Soojung Lee, et al
2018-09Brain stimulation patterns emulating endogenous thalamocortical input to parvalbumin-expressing interneurons reduce nociception in mice임혜원; 김종현; 정수영, et al
2014-11CA1 specific deletion of Cav2.1 (P/Q-type) impairs spatial and contextual memory정다희; 조제원
2012-10CA1 specific deletion of P/Q type calcium channel alters spatial representation of place cells조제원; 신희섭; 정다희
2014-11Cav2.1 P/Q type calcium channel in CA1 region contributes to properties of the place field as well as neuronal firing pattern of the pyramidal cells정다희; 조제원
2015-06Changes in Activity of the Same Thalamic Neurons to Repeated Nociception in Behaving Mice허여울; 조제원
2015-11Chronic stress alters spatial representation and bursting patterns of place cells in behaving mice박미정; 김종현; 조선미, et al
2016-11Conditional Knockout of Cav2.1 Disrupts the Accuracy of Spatial Recognition of CA1 Place Cells and Spatial/Contextual Recognition Behavior조제원; 류훈; 황유진, et al
2010-11Deep Brain Stimulation with Specific burst Patterns in the Relay Thalamus alleviates Pains in behaving Mice허여울; 신희섭; 조제원
2008-05Development of Motorized Microdrive for Neural Signal Recording양성욱; 박기태; 전효진, et al
2010-07Differences in hippocampal CREB phosphorylation in trace fear conditioning of two inbred mouse strains황유경; 송재천; 한설휘, et al
2016-11Differential responses of thalamic reticular neurons to nociception in freely behaving mice조제원; 허여울
2013-06Discrete Pattern of Burst Stimulation in the Ventrobasal Thalamus for Anti-Nociception허여울; 조제원
2011-11Effect of chronic stress on CA1 place cell activities in freely moving mice박미정; 정대현; 김진석, et al
2011-09Effect of chronic stress on dorsal CA1 place cell activities in freely moving mice박미정; 정대현; 조제원
2010-11Effect of Urethane on thalamocortical Neuron Activity허여울; 신희섭; 조제원
2007-06Enhanced solubility and stability of PEGylated liposomal paclitaxel: In vitro and in vivo evaluationTao Yang; Fu-De Cui; 최민구, et al
2011-02Feedback controlled piezo-motor microdrive for accurate electrode positioning in chronic single unit recording in behaving mice양성욱; 조제원; 이세민, et al
2019-04Figure of Eight Micro-coil Embedded Neural Probe for Deep Brain Magnetic Stimulation김진석; 박형달; 허여울, et al
2012-10Flexible MEMS neural probe integrated with electrode array using polyimide and sucrose gel for reducing neuron damage전명건; 조제원; 김윤경, et al
2012-05Flexible MEMS neural probe using polyimide and sucrose gel for reducing neuron damage전명건; 조제원; 김윤경, et al
2014-08GABA from reactive astrocytes impairs memory in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease조선미; 올레그; 황유진, et al