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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01A Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System to Power a Humanoid Robot조한익; 하태정; 황상엽, et al
2014-08A Study on Oxygen Reduction Reaction of PtM Electrocatalysts Synthesized on Graphene for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell양종원; 최장군; 조한익, et al
2015-06Alternating Current Dielectrophoresis Optimization of Pt-Decorated Graphene Oxide Nanostructures for Proficient Hydrogen Gas SensorJianwei Wang; Servin Rathi; Budhi Singh, et al
2013-08Assembly of thermally reduced graphene oxide nanostructures by alternating current dielectrophoresis as hydrogen-gas sensorsJianwei Wang; Budhi Singh; Sunglyul Maeng,, et al
2013-04Atomically thin carbon nanosheet akin to graphene properties: Facile synthesis and promising application for organic electronics손수영; 이성호; 김태욱, et al
2014-06Atomically Thin Carbon Nanosheets Akin to Graphene Properties Derived from Carbon Fiber Process손수영; 이성호; 조성무, et al
2016-09Beyond defect formation: Spectroscopic characterization of plasma-induced structural and electronic transformations in graphene조한익; Joshua S. Wallace; Austin Quinn, et al
2012-10Carbon nano sheet fabricated from petroleum residue and its application in organic thin film transistor electrode이재선; 조한익; 김태욱, et al
2014-01Carbon nanosheets derived from soluble pitch molecules and their applications in organic transistors이재선; 조한익; 김태욱, et al
2011-11Catalyst-free growth of carbon nanosheet from nitrogen-contained polymer황상엽; 이성호; 김태욱, et al
2012-10Catalyst-Free Growth of Graphene as Transparent Electrodes for Organic Photovoltaics손수영; 이성호; 나석인, et al
2009-04Characteristics of cathode degradation of large scale DMFC MEA조한익; 김수길; 이은숙, et al
2009-11Comparison of long term test behavior of DMFC made of Nafion and hydrocarbon membranesJoghee Prabhuram; Nambi Krishnan Nagappan; 조한익, et al
2016-06Comprehensive stabilization mechanism of electron-beam irradiated polyacrylonitrile fibers to shorten the conventional thermal treatment조성무; 이성호; 조한익, et al
2015-11Continuous and rapid stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fiber bundles assisted by atmospheric pressure plasma for fabricating large-tow carbon fibers김소영; 이성호; 박세준, et al
2016-01Controllable one step copper coating on carbon nanofibers for flexible cholesterol biosensor substratesBharat Bajaj; 조한익; 조성무, et al
2008-12Development and characteristics of a 400 W-class direct methanol fuel cell stack조한익; 황상엽; 조재형, et al
2007-10Development and Characterization of a 400 W-class Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack조한익; 황상엽; 조재형, et al
2008-10Development of a DMFC-Powered Humanoid Robot조한익; 하태정; 조재형, et al
2012-10Development of Low Cost Process for Carbon Fiber Using Plasma Technology김소영; 이헌수; 이성호, et al
2009-04Development of New Bipolar Design for Improvement of Fuel Cell Performance조한익; 황상엽; 김종호, et al
2011-11Development of PAN-based high performance carbon fiber박옥경; 김지훈; 송해경, et al
2016-08Diamond films and structures grown from carbon nanosheets and polymer composites이성호; 조한익; 이동수, et al
2014-04Dielectrophoresis of graphene oxide nanostructures for hydrogen gas sensor at room temperatureJianwei Wang; Budhi Singh; Jin-Hyung Park, et al
2015-12Dielectrophoretic assembly of Pt nanoparticle-reduced grapheneoxide nanohybrid for highly-sensitive multiple gas sensorJianwei Wang; Servin Rathi; Budhi Singh, et al
2009-04Durability Study of the DMFC made with Hydrocarbon MembranesJoghee Prabhuram; N. Nambi Krishnan; 김장미, et al
2014-06Effect of activated carbon nanofibers supported with metal oxide nanoparticles on H2S adsorbentBharat Bajaj; 김수정; 이광복, et al
2013-11Effect of carbon nanofibers supported with metal oxide nanoparticles on H2S adsorbent propertiesBharat Bajaj; 김수정; 이광복, et al
2014-06Effect of carbon nanofibers supported with metal oxide nanoparticles on H2S adsorbent propertiesBharat Bajaj; 김수정; 박문규, et al
2013-04Effect of Curing Poly(p-Phenylene Sulfide) on Thermal Properties and Crystalline Morphologies이성호; 김도환; 박재하, et al