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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-08-116각형 고리 구조를 갖는 디메틸 디프로파질말로네이트중합체의 제조 방법이윤우; 임종성; 조현남, et al
1996-01A green light-emitting diode with a copolymer of an alternating structure.김영철; 김정엽; 조현남, et al
1999-01A light-emitting copolymer with an electron transporting unit김재경; 유재웅; 홍재민, et al
2001-08A liquid-crystalline polyfluorene microcavity laser이태우; 박오옥; 조현남, et al
1993-01A new class of conjugated ionic polyacetylene조현남; K. L. Kang; S. H. Kim, et al
1994-01A new class of conjugated ionic polyacetylene. 2. Cyclopolymerization of dihexyldipropargyl ammonium salts by metathesis catalysts.조현남; S. H. Kim; S. J. Choi, et al
1997-01A new class of conjugated ionic polyacetylenes. 3. Cyclopolymerization of alkyldipropargyl(4-sulfobutyl)ammonium betaines by transition metal catalysts최동창; 김성현; 이지훈, et al
2002-12An alkylsilylhenoxy PPV chromophore.진성호; 이형종; 갈영순, et al
1999-01An alternating copolymer consisting of light emitting and electron transporting units김재경; 유재웅; 홍재민, et al
1997-01An alternating copolymer for a blue light-emitting diode김재경; 조현남; 김정엽, et al
1997-01Blue and green light emission from new soluble alternating copolymers조현남; 김동영; 김영철, et al
2000-10Blue light emitting polymers김동영; 조현남; 김정엽
2002-12Cascade energy transfer in dye-doped trnary polymer blend light-emitting diodes.이태우; 박오옥; 조현남, et al
1997-01Characteristics of an emissive polymer blend on LED김동영; J. K. Kim; 조현남, et al
2001-03Charge carrier mobilities of fluorene-based polymers김세종; 조현남; 김영철, et al
2002-12Color-tunable electroluminescent polymers by substitutents on the poly(р-phenylenevinylene) derivatives for light-emitting diodes진성호; 강승윤; 염인석, et al
1997-01Control of band gaps of conjugated polymers by copolymerization김정엽; 조현남; 김동영, et al
2000-10Cyclopolymerization of dimethyl dipropargylmalonate in supercritical CO₂이윤우; 염춘섭; 임종성, et al
2001-10Cyclopolymerization of dimethyl dipropargylmalonate in supercritical CO₂허영재; 조현남; 이윤우
2001-04Cyclopolymerization of dimethyl dipropargylmalonate in supercritical CO₂(Ⅱ)이윤우; 염춘섭; 허영재, et al
1993-01Cyclopolymerization of dipropargyl isopropylidene malonate and characterization of the product.조현남; S. H. Jin; S. K. Choi
1996-10Design and synthesis of a new series of electroluminescent polymers.김정엽; 김동영; 조현남
1994-01Design and synthesis of a new side chain liquid crystalline polymer by metathesis polymerization.조현남; S. J. Choi; S. H. Jin, et al
2003-10Development of collagenase-resistant collagen and its interaction with adult human dermal fibroblasts.구현철; 황유식; 최연락, et al
2002-10Dimethyl dipropargylmalonate 의 cyclopolymerization 에서 초임계용매의 영향허영재; 조현남; 이창하, et al
1999-12Effect of dialcohols on properties of poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) copolymers윤관한; 조현남; 박오옥
1997-01Effect of hydroquinone on electrochemical oxidation of polypyrrole김동영; J. H. Choi; S. H. Kim, et al
1999-01Effective exciton confinement in a light emissive polymer김재경; 유재웅; 조현남, et al
2003-02Efficient organic light-emitting diodes using hole-injection buffer layer정동회; 김상걸; 이준용, et al
1997-01Electro-optic applications of soluble polypyrrole김영철; 이준영; 김동영, et al