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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-10Antibacterial Polymers Having Antibacterial Polymers -III박선영; 전성민; 주동준, et al
2003-10Antibacterial Polymers Having Quaternary Ammoniun Salts박선영; 주동준; 안광덕
2003-05Chiral Co( Ⅲ )(salen)-catalysed hydrolytic kinetic resolution of racemic epoxides in ionic liquids.오천림; 주동준; 심우호, et al
2000-01Cr(salen) catalysed asymmetric ring opening reactions of epoxides in room temperature ionic liquids송충의; 오천림; 노은주, et al
2013-09Design and synthesis of novel series of 5-HT6 receptor ligands having indole, a central aromatic core and 1-amino-4 methyl piperazine as a positive ionizable groupFasai hayat; 조성진; 임혜원, et al
2001-03Diastereoselective allylation reaction of imines with allyl halide mediated by indium김유승; 오경은; 금교창, et al
2007-09Discovery of potent T-type calcium channel blocker서한남; 최자윤; 채윤정, et al
2000-02Fluorescent chemosensor for metal ions using a polymer having pendant pyridylbenzoxazole groups김종만; 정병오; 박기홍, et al
2004-07Fluorescent Photoimaging with Styrene Copolymers Having tBOC-Protected Quinizarin Dye Precursors Based on Chemical Amplification안광덕; 강종희; 유경욱, et al
2000-11Highly diastereoselective indium-mediated allylation of imines derived from β-amino alcohols오경은; 금교창; 강순방, et al
1998-10Highly efficient indium-mediated barbier-type allylation with allyl chlorides under neutral aqueous medium김유승; 유제현; 임환정, et al
1999-04Indium mediated bisallylation of activated carboxylate esters in aqueous media유제현; 오경은; 금교창, et al
2001-02Indium-mediated diastereoselective allylation of imines with allyl halide강순방; 오경은; 금교창, et al
2007-08Photoinitiator-Free Photopolymerization of Silicon-Containing Maleimides Based on Electron-Donor-Acceptor Systems안광덕; 강종희; 유경욱, et al
2006-10Photoinitiator-Free Photopolymerization of Silicon-Substituted Maleimides Based on Electron-Donor/Acceptor Systems안광덕; 강종희; 유경욱, et al
2004-04Photoinitiator-Free Photopolymerization Systems [PFPS] Based on Photopolymerizable Maleimides and Oligomer Bismaleimides유경욱; 주동준; 강종희, et al
1998-04Polymer sensors for metal and acid detection정병오; 김종만; 한동근, et al
1998-10Polymeric fluorescence sensors for determination of enantiomers by molecular imprinting정병오; 주동준; 김종만, et al
1998-11Synthesis and degradation property of star-shaped polylactide이재삼; 주동준; 김수현, et al
1998-01Synthesis and photoinduced birefringence of azobenzene-containing polymaleimides김종만; 이상윤; 정찬문, et al
2008-10Synthesis and SAR Study of T-Type Calcium Channel Blockers. Part II.조윤정; 서한나; 정수연, et al
2008-07T-type Ca2+ channel blockers suppress the growth of human cancer cells허재호; 서한나; 채윤정, et al