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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09A novel tissue-engineered trachea with a mechanical behavior similar to native trachea박정훈; 홍정민; 주영민, et al
2006-10Acrylic Acid-grafted Hydrophilic Electrospun nanofibrous Poly(L-lactic acid) Scaffold박귀덕; 정현정; 김재진, et al
2008-04Beneficial Effect of Hydrophilized Porous Polymer Scaffolds in Tissue-Engineered Cartilage Formation주영민; 박귀덕; 손준식, et al
2000-10Biodegradation and interaction with fibroblasts of surface-modified porous polymer scaffolds주영민; 김종만; 안광덕, et al
2002-10In vivo biodegradability of PLLA and PLGA sponge using non-toxic effevescent as a porogen additive조용철; Jong Won Rhie; 박재구, et al
2002-06In vivo implantation of chondrocytes seeded into a three-dimensional PLGA sponge: Is in vitro culture before implantation necessary?석윤; 박재구; 이종원, et al
2003-04Physical properties and biodegradation of lactide-based poly(ethylene glycol) polymer networks for tissue engineering주영민; 안광덕; 김종만, et al
1998-01Platelet adhesion onto segmented polyurethane surfaces modified by PEO- and sulfonated PEO-containing block copolymer additives이진호; 주영민; 이원규, et al
2002-12Preparation and characterization of biodegradable crosslinked GL-PEG polymer networks for tissue engineering주영민; 안광덕; 한동근
2000-04Preparation of biodegradable polymer scaffold films by photo-crosslinking with L-lactide and acrylic acid김수형; 주영민; 김종만, et al
2000-04Preparation of biodegradable porous polymer scaffolds by using a gas forming method with nontoxic efferverscent salts주영민; 김종만; 안광덕, et al
2000-10Surface immobilization of peptide ligands on GL-PEG polymer networks for inducing specific cell adhesion김수형; 주영민; 김종만, et al
2007-04Surface Modification of Biodegradable Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffolds and Their Interaction with Fibroblasts박귀덕; 주영민; 손준식, et al
2003-07The effec of plasma treatment of poly(lactic-co-glycolic)(PLGA) scaffold on adhesion and bioactivity of cultured chondrocytes정지락; 심형곤; 박재구, et al
1999-11UV 중합에 의해 제조된 조직공학용 가교지지체 필름의 열적, 기계적 및 생분해 특성한동근; 주영민; 임종은, et al
2000-06-23비등성 혼합물을 이용한 조직공학용 생분해성의 다공성고분자 지지체 및 그의 제조방법김종만; 안광덕; 주영민, et al
2002-08-28세포 친화성이 향상된 생분해성의 조직 공학용 다공성고분자 지지체의 제조방법안광덕; 안세영; 주영민, et al
2001-03의료용 고분자 생체재료 : 의료공학과 기능성재료주영민; 안광덕; 한동근