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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-07Anionic (Co)polymerization of fluorene and carbazole derivatives김건형; 최규진; 진용현, et al
2004-05Applications of telechelic polymers as compatibilizers and stabilizers in polymer blends and inorganic/organic nanohybrids김정안; 김상섭; 김건형, et al
2001-04Comparison of atom transfer radical polymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide using Cu( Ⅰ ) and Ni( Ⅱ ) catalysts김상섭; 이종찬; 류현수, et al
1999-04Copolymerization of styrene with divinylbenzene via Ti-based metallocene / MAO catalysis진용현; 임승순; 곽순종, et al
2004-04Kaolin/UHMWPE Composite via Polymerization Filling Method and its Mechanical and Wear Properties곽순종; 박홍조; 김정안, et al
1999-01Multimacromonomer 타입의 고분자 입자를 이용한 core-shell 타입 입자 제조 .류현수; 조재영; 임승순, et al
2003-01New applications of telechelic polymers.김정안; 김상섭; 김건형, et al
2002-02Polyethylene/clay nanocomposite by in-situ exfoliation of montmorillonite during ziegler-natta polymerization of ethylene진용현; 박홍조; 임승순, et al
2001-10Polymer/clay nanocomposite by in-situ exfoliation of montmorillonite during ziegler-natta polymerization of ethylene곽순종; 진용현; 박홍조, et al
2001-03Solvent and temperature effects on syndiotacticity in titanocene-catalyzed copolymerizations of styrene with its derivatives carrying a polar group류현수; 진용현; 김건형, et al
1999-04Surface fluorene-functionalized disperse polymer류현수; 조재영; 김건영, et al
2001-04Surface-functionalized [60]fullerene using diphenylethylene derivative carrying functional group류현수; 김정안; 진용현, et al
2004-12Synthesis and Characterization of w-Sulfonated Polystyrene-stabilized Cadmium Sulfide Nanoclusters진용현; 김정안; 임승순
2001-04Synthesis of N-Ethyl-3-vinylcarbazole and its polymerization류현수; 김정안; 진용현, et al
2001-04Synthesis of surface-functionalized dispersed particle Ⅰ . Surface bromination류현수; 김정안; 진용현, et al
2002-04Zironocene-catalyzed copolymerizations of ethylene with 5-methyl-1,4-hexadiene as non-conjugated dienes.진용현; 임승순; 김상섭, et al
2000-02(η5-Indenyl)trichlorotitanium-catalyzed Copolymerization of Styrene and Styrenic Macromonomer Carrying a Functional Group김정안; 김건형; 진용현, et al
2004-04중합 충전에 의한 카올린/초고분자량 폴리에틸렌 복합체 제조와 복합체의 마모 및 기계적 특성 연구곽순종; 박홍조; 김정안, et al
2001-08-23클레이가 분산된 올레핀계 고분자 나노 복합체 제조방법곽순종; 김정안; 김준경, et al
2002-04하이드록시기를 가진 신디오탁틱 폴리스티렌 공중합체의 합성과 분석박경원; 이후성; 진용현, et al