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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03Al-C hybrid nanoclustered anodes for lithium ion batteries with high electrical capacity and cyclic stabilityJi Hun Park; 차이룰 후다야; 김아영, et al
2015-11An elastic carbon layer on echeveria-inspired SnO2 anode for long-cycle and high-rate lithium ion batteries김아영; 김정섭; 차이룰 후다야, et al
2013-05Characteristics of fluorine-doped tin oxide as a transparent heater on PET prepared by ECR-MOCVD차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 최원창, et al
2013-05Characteristics of fluorine-doped tin oxide as a transparent heater on PET prepared by ECR-MOCVD차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 최원창, et al
2011-09Comparison of Characteristics of Fluorine Doped Zinc and Gallium Tin Oxide Composite Thin Films Deposited on Stainless Steel 316 Bipolar Plate by Electron Cyclotron Resonance-Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells박지훈; 차이룰 후다야; 이중기
2012-02Effects of process parameters on sheet resistance uniformity of fluorine-doped tin oxide thin films차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 이중기
2013-05Electrochemical behavior of a Micro-laser structuring FTO anode layer with a plasma pretreatment for lithium ion batteries박지훈; 김아영; 차이룰 후다야, et al
2012-08Electrochemical characteristics of plasma treated materials for a high response rate as transparent electrochromic devices김아영; 차이룰 후다야; 박지훈, et al
2012-04Electrochemical characteristics of surface modified silicon powder as the anode material for lithium ion batteries김아영; 박지훈; 차이룰 후다야, et al
2013-11Electrochemical characteristics of ZnO patterned column/SnO2 films for anodic electrodes of lithium ion batteries박지훈; 차이룰 후다야; 김아영, et al
2013-05Enhanced electrochemical performance of SnO2 anode material for lihtium ion battery via fluorine doping and C60 coating차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 최원창, et al
2013-05Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of SnO2 Anode Material for Lithium Ion Battery Via Flourine Doping and C60 Coating차이룰 후다야; A. Arie; 박지훈, et al
2012-08Fullerence Coated Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide Films as Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries via Plasma Deposition차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 김아영, et al
2015-01High Thermal Performance of SnO2:F Thin Transparent Heaters with Scattered Metal Nanodots차이룰 후다야; Bup Ju Jeon; 이중기
2012-08Interface Characteriestics of Thin Film Between Copper Current Collector and Active Material as an Anode Electrode for Micro-Patterned Lithium Ion Batteries박지훈; 차이룰 후다야; 김아영, et al
2016-02Oxidation-resistant hybrid metal oxides/metal nanodots/silver nanowires for high performance flexible transparent heaters김아영; 김민규; 차이룰 후다야, et al
2016-02Phenyl-rich silicone oil as a precursor for SiOC anode materials for long-cycle and high-rate lithium ion batteries마틴 할림; 차이룰 후다야; 김아영, et al
2015-01Plasma-polymerized C60 as a functionalized coating layer on fluorine-doped tin oxides for anode materials of lithium-ion batteries차이룰 후다야; 강봉조; 정훈기, et al
2014-11Polymer-templated C60/SnO2:F anode material for 3D lithium ion batteries차이룰 후다야; 마틴 할림; 이규하, et al
2014-03SnO2-coated LiCoO2 cathode material for high-voltage applications in lithium-ion batteries차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 이중기, et al
2013-03-19금속 산화막이 코팅된 전극 및 이의 제조방법강봉조; 권용갑; 김아영, et al
2012-03-20집전체 표면위에 형성된 고분자패턴을 이용하여 고성능 실리콘 전극제조 및 이를 포함하는 리튬계 이차전지음전극의 제조방법규엔 시 히유; 김상옥; 김아영, et al