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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-10A Microfluidic BiomaterialMario Cabodi; 최낙원; Jason P. Gleghorn, et al
2014-08A microfluidic device for evaluating the dynamics of the metabolism-dependent antioxidant activity of nutrients이정우; 최종률; 하상근, et al
2015-03A new thin silicon microneedle with an embedded microchannel for deep brain drug infusion이현주; 손유진; 김도희, et al
2004-04Applicability of Microchip-Based Streaming Potential for Electrokinetic Microbattery최낙원; 이태석; 전명석
2019-01Chabazite-Type Zeolite Membranes for Effective CO2 Separation: The Role of Hydrophobicity and Defect Structure최낙원; Minseong Lee; Sungwon Hong, et al
2014-12Chemical Vapor Deposition on Chabazite (CHA) Zeolite Membranes for Effective Post-Combustion CO2 Capture김은주; 이태희; 김형민, et al
2015-03Collagen-based brain microvasculature model in vitro using three-dimensional printed template김정아; 김홍남; 임선경, et al
2019-01Consideration of the Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels for Brain Tissue Engineering and Brain-on-a-chip최낙원; 김홍남
2010-11Dense type I collagen matrices that support cellular remodeling and microfabrication for studies of tumor angiogenesis and vasculogenesis in vitroValerie L. Cross; Ying Zheng; 최낙원, et al
2016-03Extensible Multiplex Real-time PCR of MicroRNA Using Microparticles정승원; 김준선; 이동진, et al
2006-02Fabrication and validation of a multi-channel type microfluidic chip for electrokinetic streaming potential devices전명석; 심민석; 최낙원
2016-03Fabrication of Degradable Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Microneedle with Laser Writing and Replica Molding Process for Enhancement of Transdermal Drug DeliveryYoung-Hun Park; Sang Keun Ha; Inwook Choi, et al
2013-09Formation of microvascular networks in vitroJohn P. Morgan; Delnero Peter F.; Ying Zheng, et al
2016-02Graphene-Iodine Nanocomposites: Highly Potent Bacterial Inhibitors that are Bio-compatible with Human Cells조일주; 최낙원; 김소현, et al
2012-06In vitro microvessels for the study of angiogenesis and thrombosisYing Zheng; Junmei Chen; Michael Craven, et al
2015-10In vivo optical modulation of neural signals using monolithically integrated two-dimensional neural probe arrays손유진; 이현주; 김정연, et al
2007-05Integration of layered chondrocyte-seeded alginate hydrogel scaffoldsChristopher S. D. Lee; Jason P. Gleghorn; 최낙원, et al
2017-01Label-free detection of prostate specific antigen (PSA) using a bridge-shaped PZT resonator강지윤; 이수현; 조일주, et al
2005-04Microfluidic analysis of electrokinetic streaming potential induced by microflows of monovalent electrolyte solution전명석; 이태석; 최낙원
2017-01Microfluidic Gut-liver chip for reproducing the first pass metabolism최낙원; Aerim Choe; Sang Keun Ha, et al
2007-11Microfluidic scaffolds for tissue engineering최낙원; Mario Cabodi; Brittany Held, et al
2019-05Microphysiological Systems as Enabling Tools for Modeling Complexity in the Tumor Microenvironment and Accelerating Cancer Drug Development최낙원; 김홍남; Nicole L. Habbit, et al
2019-08Microstructural control of a SSZ-13 zeolite film via rapid thermal processing최낙원; Jinseong Kim; Eunhee Jang, et al
2011-05Microstructured templates for directed growth and vascularization of soft tissue in vivoYing Zheng; Peter Henderson; 최낙원, et al
2016-04Microtechnology-based organ systems and whole-body models for drug screeningSeung Hwan Lee; Sang Keun Ha; Inwook Choi, et al
2016-08Mono-dispersed DDR zeolite particles by seeded growth and their CO2, N2, and H2O adsorption properties조일주; 최낙원; Eunjoo Kim, et al
2016-04Multiplexed Detection of Epigenetic Markers Using Quantum Dot (QD)-Encoded Hydrogel Microparticles염상윤; 손충현; 김병선, et al
2012-09Multiplexed detection of mRNA using porosity-tuned hydrogel microparticles최낙원; 김정욱; Stephen C. Chapin, et al
2015-08Neural probes with multi-drug delivery capability신효근; 이현주; 채의규, et al