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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07A HT column GC/MS method for the determination of anthraquinone and its toxic impurities in paper products양기열; 서희승; 이용섭, et al
2011-08A novel GC-MS method in urinary estrogen analysis from postmenopausal women with osteoporosis문주연; 김광준; 문명희, et al
2005-11Alkyloxycarbonylation as an alternative method for liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric (LC-MS) analysis of diuretics in doping control손정현; 김종대; 문주연, et al
2006-06Alkyloxycarbonylation as an alternative method for liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of urinary diuretics손정현; 김종대; 문주연, et al
2006-09Alternative sample preparation techniques in Gas Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric analysis of urinary androgenic steroids조영대; 최만호
2007-11Analysis of 3 macrolide acaricides in meat, milk and egg by LC-UV with sub-2 μm particle column문주연; 조혜진; 이순호, et al
2008-01Analysis of polyamines as carbamoyl derivatives in urine and serum by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry변정아; 이상희; 정병화, et al
2005-11Analysis of urinary 17α-methyl anabolic steroids by liquid chromatography-electrospray/iontrap mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-ITMS)김종대; 최만호
2006-05Binding affinity of the immobilized beta-cyclodextrin with urinary androgens and estrogens문주연; 최만호
2006-09Binding affinity of β-cyclodextrin immobilized on glass bead with urinary steroid hormones문주연; 최만호
2005-11Binding affinity of β-cyclodextrin on glass bead with urinary androgens and estrogens문주연; 강종민; 최만호
2001-01Biochemical roles of testosterone and epitestosterone to 5α-reductase as indicators of male-pattern baldness최만호; 유영숙; 정봉철
2015-02Bringing GC-MS profiling of steroids into clinical applications최만호; 정봉철
2008-03Can mass spectrometry of organic compounds be interpreted for life phenomena최만호
2005-06Capillary size-exclusion chromatography as a gel-free strategy in plasma proteomics최만호; John S. Wishnok; Steven R. Tannenbaum
2005-02Cartilage extracellular matrix degradation in response to mechanical injury and the inflammatory cytokines TNF-a and IL-1bAL Stevens; VB Bhat; MA DiMicco, et al
2011-01Cellular uptake of ginsenosides in Korean White Ginseng and Red Ginseng and their apoptotic activities in human breast cancer cells이정일; 하영완; 최태원, et al
2014-04Changes in steroid metabolism among girls with precocious puberty may not be associated with urinary levels of bisphenol A이수현; 강세미; 최만호, et al
1998-01Changes of endogenous steroids profile after oral administration of danazol최만호; 정봉철
2013-06Characteristic features of ageing in Korean women's hair and scalp김수나; 이상엽; 최만호, et al
2005-06Characterization of testosterone 11β-hydroxylation catalyzed by human liver microsomal cytochromes P450최만호; P.L. Skipper; J.S. Wishnok, et al
2015-09Cholesterol homeostasis in cardiovascular disease and recent advances in measuring cholesterol signatures서홍석; 최만호
2014-06Cholesterol-Induced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Atherosclerosis Aggravated by Systemic Inflammation김응주; 김백희; 서홍석, et al
2012-03Comparative GC-MS Based In vitro Assays of 5α-Reductase Activity Using Rat Liver S9 Fraction이수현; 이동형; 이정애, et al
2007-11Comparative metabolomic profiling between urine and hair in patients with HPV-infected cervical cancer정현진; 김경미; 권용일, et al
2005-10Comparative plasma proteome analysis of lymphoma-bearing SJL miceVadiraja B. Bhat; 최만호; John S. Wishnok, et al
2013-10Comparison of metabolic ratios of urinary estrogens between benign and malignant thyroid tumors in postmenopausal women문주연; 이은직; 정웅윤, et al
2014-01Cytochrome P450-mediated metabolic alterations in preeclampsia evaluated byquantitative steroid signatures문주연; 문명희; 김기태, et al
2010-05Database-dependent metabolite profiling focused on steroid and fatty acid derivatives using high-temperature gas chromatography-mass spectrometry정현진; 이원용; 유영숙, et al
1999-01Detection of anabolic steroids by GC/SIM/MS with trifluoroacetylation in equine plasma and urine최만호; 김진영; 정봉철