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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-06Adsorptive correlations of chromatography for ibuprofen enantiomers김소영; 송태호; 이중기, et al
2003-02Characteristics of polyvinylpyrrolidone-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by attrition ball milling구종민; 함형택; 최민호, et al
2003-12Chiral separation of Bupivacaine by simulated moving bed (1) Optical separation conditions for preparative chromatography윤지연; 이중기; 서성섭, et al
2014-10Effects of carbon doping on thermal stability of InSbTe phase change memory김용태; 최민호; 안진호
2014-05Improved switching speed of InSbTe multi-level phase change memory김용태; 최민호
2014-07Improvement of Multi-Level Phase Changing Properties of SbTe based Chalcogenide Material by Substituting In for Ge김용태; 김춘근; 최민호, et al
2019-04Interface-Driven Phase Transition of Phase-Change Material김용태; 최민호; Heechae Choi, et al
2014-10Intermediate phase transition of Ge2Sb2Te5 during melt-quenching process최민호; 안진호; 김영환, et al
2015-08Lattice Distortion in In3SbTe2 Phase Change Material with Substitutional Bi최민호; 최희채; 김승철, et al
2003-05Mechanical and rheological properties of the maleated polypropylene/layered silicate nanocomposites with different morphology구종민; 김미정; 최민호, et al
2002-07Morphology and physical properties of polyethylene/silicate nanocomposite prepared by melt intercalation구종민; 왕기현; 최민호, et al
2014-10Multi Pre-Spike Synaptic Characteristics of InSbTe phase change memory김용태; 최민호; 안진호
2021-07Nanoscale Focus Pinspot for High-Purity Quantum Emitters via Focused-Ion-Beam-Induced Luminescence Quenching송현규; 최민호; 전성문, et al
2000-06Optical resolution of racemic ibuprofen by using chiral stationary phase송태호; 서성섭; 최민호, et al
2001-12Optical separation of racemic ketoprofen by chiral high-performance liquid chromatography김소영; 이중기; 서성섭, et al
2021-08Room-temperature polaritonic non-Hermitian system with single microcavity송현규; 최민호; 우기영, et al
1999-09Study of the electrical and the structural properties of Ar-Ion-implanted polyaniline최민호; 주진수; 최원국, et al
2001-11Synthesis and characterization of maleated polyethylene/clay nanocomposites구종민; 왕기현; 최민호, et al
2014-11The effect of Bi-doping on the phase change properties of In3SbTe2최민호; 김용태; 안진호
2013-04The effects of Bi doping on the properties of In3SbTe2 for multi-level phase change memory devices최민호; 안진호; 김용태
1998-07The study of charge transport of ion-implanted polyanilines주진수; 최민호; 최원국, et al
2013-10-11상변화 메모리 소자 및 이의 제조방법강길범; 김영환; 김용태, et al