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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10A Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Component-based Service Robot Software Platforms안희준; 최병욱; 안상철
2002-10A study of adsorption equilibria for pure CH4,C2H6,C2H4,N2,H2 component onto activated carbon최병욱; 김성현; 최대기, et al
2003-07Adsorption and reaction behavior for the simultaneous adsorption of NO-NO2 and SO2 on activated carbon impregnated with KOH이영완; Hyun-Jin Kim; 박지원, et al
2004-08Adsorption and Regeneration Dynamic Characteristics of Methane and Hydrogen Binary System최병욱; 남기문; 최대기, et al
2002-04Adsorption dynamic behavior of H₂/CH₄ in activated carbon adsorber최병욱; 최대기; 이영환, et al
2003-06Adsorption equilibria of methane ethane, ethylene, nitrogen, and hydrogen onto activated carbon최병욱; 최대기; 이영환, et al
2001-10Adsorption equilibria of pure component for CH₄ and H₂on zeolite 5A and activated carbon최병욱; 이영환; 최대기, et al
2020-11Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Current Applications and Issues김영준; 박찬우; 서성욱, et al
2002-05Characteristics analysis on adsorption and surface reaction by harmful acidic gas adsorption on chemical activated carbon fiber김현진; 이영환; 최병욱, et al
2002-04Characteristics of desorption and regeneration for NO-NO₂-SO₂-O₂ adsorbed on surface-modified activated carbon이영환; 김현진; 박지원, et al
2009-05Development of an Open Software Platform for Robotics Services in Korea박홍성; 한수희; 최병욱, et al
2003-03Experimental and theoretical study of H₂ separation using PSA process최병욱; 홍성철; 최대기, et al
2002-10Experimental and theoretical study on PSA process for separation of H₂최병욱; 최대기; 김성현, et al
2007-07Genetic organization of the biosynthetic gene cluster for the indolocarbazole K-252a in Nonomuraea longicatena JCM 11136김승영; 박진수; 채충식, et al
2003-04H ₂ /CH ₄에 대한 2 탑 PSA 공정의 분리특성과 전산모사 연구 .홍성철; 남기문; 최병욱, et al
2002-04Interpretation of characteristics changes in adsorption behavior and surface chemistry for NO-NO2-SO2 over surface modified activated carbon이영환; 박지원; 최병욱, et al
2001-10Outline for low temperature adsorption and reaction characteristics of NO-NO₂ over chemically-treated activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최병욱, et al
2001-10Selective adsorption behavior of NOx-SO₂ on surface modified activated carbon in combustion/incineration flue gas condition이영환; 최병욱; 윤정호, et al
2008-04Selective vasodilatation effect of sargahydroquinoic acid, an active constituent of Sargassum micracanthum, on the basilar arteries of rabbits박병곤; 신운섭; 엄유미, et al
2002-05Surface adsorption and reaction mechanism studies by thermal and ToF-SIMS analysis for NOx adsorption-temperature programmed desorption on activated carbon impregnated metal hydroxide이영환; 박지원; 최병욱, et al
2002-05Surface characteristics analysis of behavior on diffusion of elements and molecular ions by adsorption and chemical reaction of acidic gases into activated carbon impregnated metal hydroxide이영환; 김현진; 최병욱, et al