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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-10A full-scale demonstration of nutrients removal in a single reactor combining anaerobic and aerobic conditions최용수; 홍석원; 이영대, et al
1995-01A new approach to biological process for nitrogen removal.이영대; 최용수; 신응배, et al
2003-12A newly designed wastewater treatment process equipped with an anaerobic and two intermittent aeration tanks operated alternatively최용수; 홍석원; 이영대
2002-09A novel process for simultaneous nutrient removal from domestic wastewater through the increase of microbial population of bacillus sp.: a pilot-scale experience최용수; 홍석원; Y. W. Kwon
2008-06A Pilot Study on Air Flotation Processes for Retrofitting of Conventional Wastewater Treatment Facilities박찬혁; 홍석원; 이상협, et al
2004-05A study of biological wastewater treatment using the combination of anaerobic and two intermittent aeration tanks operated alternately: A pilot-scale study최용수; 홍석원; 권기한
2008-08A Study of Pretreatment Methods for the Control of Microfiltration Membrane Fouling in Wastewater Reuse박찬혁; 홍석원; 안세혁, et al
2000-12A study on enhancement of the soil matrix strength using slime-forming bacteria박준규; 홍석원; 최용수
2004-11A Study on improvement of BTEX(Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene) degrading activity by denitrifying Bacteria정경미; 이한웅; 이상협, et al
2005-04A study on improvement of contaminated stream water quality by a constructed wetland김승준; 최용수; 권기한, et al
2005-07A Study on Isolation of BTEX Degrading Microorganism and Variation of BTEX Removal Efficiency and Microorganism growth Rate According to Co-Culture정경미; 이상협; 이한웅, et al
2002-04A study on livestock wastewater treatment using B3 pilot plant김승준; 홍석원; 최용수, et al
2008-05A study on setting reasonable effluent limitations김이중; 홍성훈; 최용수, et al
1995-01A study on the lime stabilization of livestock waste.김현철; 최용수
2003-05A study on the nitrification and denitrification of bioreator with bio-block함상혁; 홍석원; 최용수
2004-04A study on the removal of concentrated nitrate nitrogen discharged from pickling process김승준; 최용수; 배우근
2002-08A study on the system constitution of FIA for measurement of the low level of nitrite and measurement of Kyungan-Cheon field water samples이재성; 최용수; 이원, et al
1990-01An approach to septic tank improvement.신응배; 박완철; 최용수, et al
2005-11An effective alternative for the retrofit of existing wastewater treatment plants: pilot-scale experiment and mathematical modelling홍석원; 권기한; 최용수, et al
2006-09An innovative constructed wetland system for small stream water restoration김승준; 홍석원; 최용수, et al
2006-02An innovative constructed wetland system for small stream water restoration김승준; 홍석원; 최용수, et al
2005-04An innovative expert system for the maintenance of on-site wastewater treatment process for small-scale residential and commercial sites김승준; 최용수; 홍석원, et al
2017-06Analysis of Amine-Containing Compounds using Isotope-Labeled Tert-Butyloxy Carbonyl Tag and Ultra High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography High Resolution Mass Spectrometry최용수; 신정숙; 펭 레이, et al
2005-06Application of Biological Treatment for the Pickling Wastewater Containing High-Nitrate Discharged from Stainless Steel Industry김승준; 최용수; 배우근, et al
2002-04Application of contact oxidation with media in the polluted stream water이지웅; 전양근; 최용수, et al
2006-04Application of Hybrid Constructed Wetland System for Stream Water Quality Improvement김승준; 최용수; 배우근
2006-04Application of SBR Process to Treat Pickling Wastewater including the High Nitrate and Ca+2김승준; 최용수; 배우근
2009-06Assessment of Sediment Remediation Potential using Microbial Fuel Cell Technology홍석원; 최용수; 정태학, et al
2016-08Association of metabolite profilling and bioactive activities of geneticaly diverse 391 soybean seed assessions최용수; 신정숙; 서구량
2017-11Association study between metabolomic profiling and bioactivity of crop diversity최용수; 서구량; 신정숙